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Citra Emulator – The First Working 3DS Emulator on PC

So basically, if every other emulator claim to be able to emulate 3DS game like Pokemon Moon and Sun, and any other 3DS game. Then they are definitely bluffing and lying to you. Well, at least until now which is 21.03.2018.

Citra itself is a work in progress 3DS emulator started in early 2014. It can emulate some 3DS game until now with more than over 50 people that is working hard since its founding. Citra is an open source project that is licensed under GPLv2 (or any later version).

Citra by itself has had bunch of ups and downs from its first year of project until now.

Before After

Right now, the emulator can emulate a game very fast. Of course the result will be based on your computer by itself, but it can get up to 50 fps easily now making itself playable or even make it more faster and stable during any game play.

If you want to learn more :

Note : The emulator work perfectly on intel devices. However for AMD, it got a lot more work and can be improve. So don’t blame the developer. Just wait and if you can donate for their hard work. Thank you.

3DS Emulator on PCCitra Emulator
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