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World of Wizard Game Review + Tips and Tricks: A MOBA Arena Game about Wizards and Spells!

World of Wizard Game Review + Tips and Tricks: A MOBA Arena Game about Wizards and Spells!

If you love MOBA games and ready for Player vs Player PVP action then it would be best for you! Lets check out our newest game review below. It is called World of Wizards.



World of Wizards brings you a unique realtime 2v2 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) gameplay with magic spells, wizards and amazing graphics!

Call on your teammates to join you in the spells of magic! Defeat your enemies in classic 2v2 combat in real time! Engage in wizard wars, lead your team, and obtain legendary status in the arena!

Jump right into the action! Pick up your mobile and get ready to use some magic!

World of Wizards is a great battle Arena game where you engage on an epic spell wars. You will be able to choose Wizards master of ice, Shaman master of fire, Priest the master of light and dark, Warlock the master of chaos, and Sorcerer the master of neutral magic.

Each character will be able to use 5 spells with different effect each. Some spell can damage the enemies, while other can debuff, immobilize, stuns, or even heal your allies. Each character will battle on an arena where you will be able to use your spell to knock down your enemies. There are 1vs1 arena and 2 vs 2 arena. You will be paired with your allies or enemies randomly in the match.

Some of the tips and tricks:

  • Wizards: He can stun the enemies while having a no delay spell. While the enemies are casting a spell. Use your third spell to stun the enemies and then cast your first spell. If you are low on mana, the enemies are winning. Chip down the enemies health by using the second spell. This heroes is pretty useful for one vs one on the Duel map.
  • Shaman: Shaman is a good stunner with a lot of damage. While your enemies are casting a spell, interrupt them when the spell is near finished by using your second spell. After that cast your first spell again and again while dogging.
  • Priest: it is a good hero. His main healing abilities won’t come before hitting lvl 5. Which means, train him first in the practice arena before using him on 2vs 2 death match and warsong arena. He has a high damage but high delay and casting time, but the good thing is his drain mana abilities which is useful for spammer like sorcerer and wizard.
  • Dodging the enemies left and right in front of the caster is a must for every player, but don’t get caught on the enemies stun.
  • Try to level your enemies in the practice arena first to get more spells before going on the warsong arena.
  • Know the effect, area, and damage of your spells before using it on the duel, death match, and warsong arena.
  • More Tips and tricks will be made 🙂

Are you interested in playing this game? Well, if you are, then i suggest you to download the game on the link below. Thanks and have a nice day!

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