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4 Best Quiz Game for Android 2018 – Be Fun and Be Smart at The Same Time!

Best Quiz Game for Android – Be Fun and Be Smart at The Same Time!

Trivia / Quiz games has been dominating the world over media for a while now. Even Ellen’s, Jimmy Fallon’s and Jimmy Kimmel had at least played it once in their shows over the past few years. The games gives you a chance to learn and be smart at the same time. So here are some of the best Quiz Game for Android 2018 check them out!

1. HQ Trivia


HQ Trivia is the newest trivia games where you can win a legit cash. If you didn’t believe it, then check out buzz feed videos that is covering the apps. You can earn up to 10.000$ or more. This game is a live trivia game show with cash prizes. Every day at 9pm EDT. Weekdays at 3pm EDT.

2. General Knowledge Quiz


Have fun testing your expertise with this general knowledge quiz!
Contains thousands of questions from various categories.
New questions are being added weekly!The quiz contains only general knowledge “fact” type of questions, no trivia questions from popular culture.
Thus, this game will present a true test of your level of education!In this quiz you will find questions from the following categories:

– History
– Literature
– Science
– Technology
– Geography
– Arts
– Humanities
– General

This quiz gives you an endless stream of general knowledge questions. The questions are hand-selected and are designed to test a wide range of your general knowledge.  All questions are linked to Wikipedia articles so that you can learn new things after answering.

You can track your progress with an Elo number to compare yourself to other players. And if you want, you can also test your skills in matches against other players.

3. Quiz Up


Fun, addictive, challenging, online trivia, that has the best of two worlds.Sure, you’ve played trivia before. But, have you played a trivia where you can post about your interests on your favorite topic, make your own quiz and connect with millions of users who share your interest, worldwide?

Join millions of players in a brain teaser that combines social network and trivia- QuizUp!
Learn, grow and have fun challenging friends and players online on interests you’re best at.

What’s more? Play and earn badges that prove you’re the best in the world at your favorite topic

4. Trivia 360


TRIVIA 360 is a free quiz game you can play on your android. It is an easy to play trivia app but at the same time it is an excellent brain game. Try the game and you will be able to give your brain an immaculate boost by addictive thinking and IQ challenge! How to play the trivia game.
Post download you can play the brain game with a variety of trivia puzzles. The quizzes are set in different categories such as Classic 4-answers questions, true/false questions, flag quiz, landmark riddles and more.Simply try the questions from your selected mode and check how many right answers you can hit!

App’s Feature:
• User friendly interface,
• Players can access leader board and check how other online players are performing in this trivia game,
• The quizzes are set in different categories such as Classic 4-answers questions, true/false questions, flag quiz, landmark riddles and more.

Download the app TRIVIA 360 and start enjoying the brainstorming session at random. You will get to spend quality time on your android for sure.