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Beta Games: RoV Tactics – Tips and Tricks to Win more PVP!

Through the year, we have covered a bit about Beta Games. If you are interested in other beta apps, then you can found some in this sites here. Today, we are going to review another beta games called RoV Tactics.



Realms of the Void by Okam Studio is a turn-based, tactical RPG set in a world where fantasy and sci-fi collide. It offers a wide collection of colorful characters, with different abilities and functions, that offer a great variety of approaches for the player to choose their own strategy. Its basics are easy to learn, but the game offers a great deal of depth to play with.

Can you amass a force to bring you victory and restore peace to the Void?

– Sci-Fantasy Tactics game with appealing art.
– A long list of epically charming heroes to collect and breed for your glory!
– PVP to compete online with other players and raise your reputation and leader board rankings.
– Campaign mode with a rich story and colorful wonderlands to explore.
– Take down 30+ types of enemies from the Void’s original mythology. From the wandering Merrows to the Ethereals of the Rift!

RoV Tactics is a tactical RPG game with gameplay that is pretty similar to the popular Final Fantasy Tactics game. The game use the concept of levels, stages, jobs, equipment, and skills. You will need to level your heroes to be more powerful, after a certain level you can also promote your heroes to be more powerful.

Each time you promote your heroes, you will unlocked both your heroes passive and active skills making them more powerful. Promoting can also unlocked an accessory slot, that can increase your character stats.

Some of the RoV Tactics that i can give you are:

  • After each heroes recruit, remember to unlocked their first skill before using them. Especially if you are a beginner in the game.
  • Squire is pretty useful to further enhance your heroes. Although you will need to sacrifice one of your heroes.
  • Sometimes, not moving can also do you good. Especially if you are a melee heroes trying to kill another melee heroes. Calculate how far you can move from one spots and if you can’t reach them. Better move away or simply stay in your spot.
  • Use your skill effectively. Don’t spam it whenever you can. Read the description first, it is because each skill has their own cool down and their own respective effect.
  • Level and explore in an unexplored area by using a scout drone / hunting drone in the game.

The game is pretty much finish up to this point in my point of view. However there might be a bug here and there, and right now if you are interested to play this game, please help the developer by reporting the bug.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

App Rating : RoV Tactics (Unreleased) (Free (In App Purchase))

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