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Tiny Battleground Tips and Tricks – How to Survive More Rounds and Win The Game!!

Tiny Battleground Tips and Tricks – How to Survive More Rounds and Win The Game!!

Trying to find a good game that suits your style is sometimes really hard. Especially if you don’t know what you wanted. You only know that you wanted to play a really good game that will not only make you have some fun but also relieve your boredom. Well, there is a good game that is both fun and interesting, it is called Tiny Battleground.



Tiny Battleground, the first IO + MOBA + Survival mobile game, is coming!
→ Play as cute pixel style heroes in beautiful battleground!
→ Enjoy crazily hilarious battles with up to 40 players!
Tiny Battleground brings you refreshing competitive and casual gaming experience like never before!

Charge as Viking warrior and knock your opponent out? Or transform into metal dragon that can devour other heroes in one bite? Or become cute but deadly kitty ninja who can stealthily cut down enemies? You can choose from a wide variety of heroes. Knight, gunner, wizard, robot… their ways of fighting are infinite, but they are equally full of pixel style loveliness!

Tiny Battleground is a good mobile battle survival game with a  little bit of everything. There are 4 game modes in the game:

  • FFA Modes: It is a Mobile game modes for all free for all battle grounds, which means that you will be competing against 30 other player on a single battlefield. Your heroes choice will affect you game play. It is most suited for beginner.
  • Team Survival Modes: It is a PUBG modes if i may say. You will be competing in a team fight in an area that will get smaller in each minutes. You will need to pick up weapons, body armor, shoes, and helmet to use either your skill or simply just to improve your defense and damage.
  • Crystal Battle Modes: It is a crystal collection battle. In the game you will need to compete with the other teams of 3 in a match of crystal collection. Protect your teams that have the most crystal and then kill the enemies while you are at it.
  • Tower Rush Modes: Which is the MOBA modes. You will be competing in a MOBA style environment with level, jungle, tower and stuff and your goal is to either kill the enemies 50 times, or simply just tower destroying til the end.

There are some tips and tricks that i can give you at the start of the game which is:

  • Use bushes, especially in crystal battle modes. Although most people already know the use of bushes, plenty doesn’t have the patient to stay and wait for the enemies. The key to win in crystal battle modes are bushes.
  • Killing is unimportant in FFA modes. If you want to have more points in the FFA (Free For All modes) kill the monster like deers, crocodile and crystal goblin. Especially the Crystal goblin that will give you an enormous amount of points in a single kill. After your level is maxed / capped  then you can hunt for kill. It will makes thing easier especially if you are using a ranged heroes.
  • Remember to check your map in tower rush modes. Although the game doesn’t feel like it. It is still a MOBA style map. It means tower and level are everything. Use jungle as a means to get lots of HP in the games so that you won’t need to teleport back to your fountain.
  • Team survival modes, the easiest way to have fun in this game is by re spawning in the middle and if you can, find the weapon and armor, and kill the enemies with your skills and stuff. It is basically the first come first kill type of game.