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Identity V Game Review – A Thrilling, Haunting Mobile Survival Game!

The wait is over, are you hype for the mobile survival ‘Dead by Daylight like’ game? Well, if you have been on roonby, or on any other Chinese website or Apps then you might know that until right now, the number 1 most waited game is Identity V is now out and can be downloaded.

Source: Identity V official Website

Description (Roonby Version)

Identity V is a Dead by Daylight like game. So if you are a PC dead by daylight player or a player that don’t want to waste any money to play the game, then this game will give you the same feel. However, unlike Dead by Daylight, this game gives you a good story line about why you are in the game if you can read the Chinese symbol (that i can’t which is why i can’t gives you the story)From the game, we can conclude that you are a detective, being invited in an estate where you need to find out what is happening there. Each time you investigate something, you will then be transported into the game (in the tutorial).

In the game, you will be able to play as the supervisor (which is basically the killer) and the survivor. Your goal as the supervisor is not to let any of the player escape, while having fun with them. Basically playing with your food before you ended up eating them. You will hit them, and chain them to a magical exploding chair and if the other survivor didn’t help him/her, he/she will end up dying.

If you are playing as the survivor, then you will play with the other 3 survivor. You will need to generate some electricity to power up the gate for you to escape the place. Work with 3 other survivor fix the generator. After that, it is where your friendship starts being challenged. Will you leave them if they are caught, leaving you alive while they are dead? Or will you save them with the risk of being caught. Well, it is all your choices.

Note: If you are playing as the Supervisor, don’t stand in front of the magical exploding chair to make the survivor die. It is not fun for both you or them.

Anyway, if you are interested in playing, here are some gameplay for you to see before you download it. You can then judge whether or not you wanted to play the game. It is fast forwarded to make it faster.

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App Rating : Identity V (Free (In App Purchase))

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