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Playing as a survivor in Identity V means that you will need to decode a chipper while at the same time being extra careful when there are a hunter that are going to hunt you, which is why most people tends to use Hunter rather than a Survivor.

Currently, there are many other guide around the net, but this guide works for me. I have been playing the game since the beginning and i already know some of the tips and tricks on it. So today, i will give you a general guide for every survivor so that you won’t shame yourself in the game!

1. Get Hit, or Let the Hunter Hit first before Saving other Survivor

This is probably one of the most important guide that i really need to address, and most people already know it. BUT THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE THAT FORGET ABOUT IT!. You see, If you don’t let the hunter hit you or at least hit something (Seer Owl, Perfumer Perfume, and so on) there is no need for you to save the other survivor. Because they will immediately die.

You better off go decoding a chipper and letting them die, while the hunter is camping rather than saving them. At the very least, you are able to finish a chipper rather than standing and watching your team mates die

2. When playing alone, Distress Persona will be your savior

Distress is one of the most underrated persona that most Identity V ers won’t use. It is because most people that play the game as a survivor will usually use discord to play in a team match. Discord can be use as a media to group call for gamers, which means that they can coordinate.

However, what if you are a solo player that are playing alone? Then distress will be your help. With distress if you are chaired by the hunter, the other survivor will be able to see the other survivor. It will help so that they can divide their task, from Decoding, Helping, and Juking.

3. Terror Shock, more like Noob

You see, there are some reason as to why people called terror shock as a noob play. Rather than that, the fact is that if you are hit once, you are able to have the chance to run away. However, if you got a terror shock, then you will be down, and the only thing that you will see is the chair. So calculate yourself, are you able to get away without being hit, or simply delay your jump and then get hit before jumping.

4. Priority!

There are 4 survivor, each survivor must have their own priority, One is juking, one is saving, one is healing, and lastly decoding. The Healing must do decoding, but will prioritize in healing, while Juking will need to delay the hunter.

Decoding must decode through the match, and saving is the one that will save the juker or anyone that is being chaired. Each priority will have the corresponding character, for example Coordinator can focus on saving or healing someone, Mind eyes must decode, Forward must save or juke, and Thief will juke and so on.

5. Know Which Persona and what it is use for

There are 4 persona, UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT. Each direction will have their own use, for example Left is for juking, Up is for healing, Down is for saving, and lastly Right is for Juking / Saving. Depending on which choice you want, each persona will greatly benefit you in a match. You will be able to get 2 persona in total either up,down, up left, and so on.

Note : The guide below is from reddit user (Mimsy0u)

6. If you are using Mechanic

You should never use the bot as bait or bodyblocking or to go for rescues. Bot is only there for decoding and opening gates. I dont think anyone understands but the bot is more precious than the mechanic herself. Mainly because you can still decode even if you are in a chair, and help the other even if you yourself is a burden.

7. Last Gen? Don’t Pop first

When you’re on the last cipher and someone is kiting wait for them to get hit, downed or they stunned the hunter with a pallet to finish the cipher. Never finish it when someone is chaired or someone is in mid kite. It is because you might not know if they had Borrowed Time persona on or not. and you don’t know if the hunter have Detention or not. If you rescue instantly you’re killing your teammates faster.

8. If your Survivor friends is chaired in the Basement

Always bodyblock and prepare to go down for someone who’s already been on the chair twice ensure that they don’t go on the chair twice. If you’ve sat on chair twice just decode don’t rescue and don’t go anywhere near the hunter you’re priority now is just to stay alive.

9. While Decoding?

When you’re decoding always look around you and be aware of your surroundings so you know where the hunter is coming from this is especially important for dream witch and bloody queen as you don’t want to get terror shocked whilst decoding and it’s important for any hunter really you want to know exactly where they are coming from. Never decode together early game either a big mistake is to decode together and y’all need to understand ciphers will go faster if you decode a cipher by yourself. Cipher rush is a priority. Looking at you enchantress and seer mains please decode I promise you you’re not going to win any games stalking the hunter. YOU have to decode as enchantress and seer both don’t have decoding nerfs. If you’re not interested in decoding then I advise you to play forward, cowboy or wilding as they have decoding nerfs their only choice is to go and harass the hunter. When there is only two ciphers then yes enchantress mains out there that’s when you can start harassing the hunters but not early game.

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