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Identity V is a horror asymmetric games where you will be playing 1 vs 4. You can choose between both hunter or survivor and compete in a single match. Each character has their own advantages and disadvantages including the hunter and survivor.

There are more than 15 survivor while there are only about 10 hunter that can be use currently in the game. Of course with their own skill sets and so on.

Today we will give you some news regarding one of the survivor that will be reworked. Which is the explorer that will going to be reworked after this week.

Explorer is actually one of the earliest survivor that has been around since the game started. He can be bought in the game with only around 1400 clue, and can be used immediately in a ranked match. However, since the update of heroes and stuff. Explorer is actually a really bad character.

The book that he carries around has the abilities to make him small and hide from the hunter. However, if the hunter had a good eyes he will be easy to find, and the worst thing about using explorer is that, the costume must be a little bit bland so that he won’t be found easily. Which is why, not that many people want to use him.

Because of that, NetEase as the main developer of the game, is trying to give him a huge buff that will help him get picked more, and thankfully it got approved. The buff that they will give explorer is that “Every time explorer use the book, he is able to locate a little clue.

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If the clue is picked up, it will help increase the decoding to 50%, and the clue can be picked up twice.” With the help of the clue, Explorer will be able to finish a decoding chiper by himself without the need of other. This is especially very useful, in a risky situation where explorer are alone with other teams and must finish one chiper to open the door.

The buff is highly praised by many, and it is highly anticipated that we are going to have explorer around in the match more.

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