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Identity V is one of the best Horror Asymmetric Games that is available to play on your Android and iOS device. There are so many survivor and hunter that can be use in the game, but still there are plenty that are still a bit lost on what to do.

Because of that, today we will give you a little guide on how to use a character in Identity V which is a survivor called Explorer.

Character Introduction

Taken on Identity V Wiki, Kurt is an experienced explorer, passionate about exploring the limits of humanity. He has sailed across the English Channel, flown over old-growth forests in a hot air balloon, and, of course, joined a life-or-death game. As a master of survival, maybe he has a good shot at winning?

The adventurer Kurt-Frank was born in Yorkshire, England. After he was born, he moved with his parents and immigrated. He went from England to Italy, then to France, and back to the UK, constantly moving through a variety of adult travelers. This unique experience made Kurt feel like a migratory bird, forming a typical escaped personality, and it was difficult to concentrate. Every day, he was obsessed with reading novels about ancient artifacts and expeditions, such as the classic Gulliver’s Travels. He always thought that he was a great adventurer.

The adventurer Kurt is good at sailing and hot air balloon driving, and because he had been reading Gulliver’s Travels, he goes out almost every day. He brings the book with him since Kurt wants to be as small as the protagonist.

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Character Traits

Fantasy Carries around the novel Gulliver’s Travels and can turn into a tiny Lilliputian after reading it. He is undetectable by the hunter’s radar after shrinking, but cannot perform most actions. Due to his love for books, this skill is not depleted when used
Explore Possesses superior survival skills and knows how to hide his tracks. His tracks last for 1s less. Also, vaulting obstacles will not alert the hunter
Curiosity Can hardly control his curiosity and tends to attempt risky operations when decoding. The chance of triggering a calibration is increased by 30% and scope of success decreased by 30%

Character Guides

Explorer is actually a good survivor that can be bought easily with only 1400 Clue only. It is also the perfect character for beginner because of his ability to hide as long as he has his ability which is the Guiliver’s books. The Books enables him to be small that can be use to juke or hide. So there is a lot of versatility in this character. But of course, it is not without a disadvantages, for example, because of his traits called Curiosity, The Calibration scope will be down for 30% and the chance to trigger it will increase by 30%. The worst thing about this character is that, if the hunter has the talent to decrease the calibration scope which is  the Owl, the calibration scope will be very low, and it is one of the worst character for decoding.

But thankfully, because of the newest buff of the game, when you are using the Guiliver books, you are now able to find a clue, that can be used to quickly decode a chiper quickly. The best thing is that, there are 3 codes that can be found in a single match and each code will give you around 50% Decoding ability. That means that in each game, you are able to decode 1 and a half chiper easily. It is pretty useful in a dire state especially in the late game.

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So here is How to Play The Game as Explorer:

  • A good thing that you need to understand is that, you can only play as Explorer in some maps. Maps like White Sands Street Asylum and The Red Church is not suitable for explorer because there are no small grass for you to hide in. Remember to see the map first before using the character!
  • Another good thing that you can understand is that, The Pole beside the chiper has the ability to hide you in the base. So if you find yourself being chased by hunter while decoding. Simply hide yourself in the pole, and hope that you aren’t find by them.
  • Besides the pole, tall grasses are able to hide you easily, but remember that costume will give away, if you are using a really flashy costume, simply don’t do that because you will be find easily.
  • If you are running away from hunter, don’t use your book and hide, but simply just run. The hardest thing about juking a hunter is the ability to lose them. It is because the hunter will always notice that you suddenly disappear on them and they will start hitting the grass. Which is why, rather than going small, you got a better chance to lose them by juking them. If by chance you are really desperate. Try to let them hit you, go around the corner and start using your book to hide. Just so you know, that you will need to let them lose their sight on you before using your books.
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And there you have it, some of the best way to use Explorer. Do you have any other question about the character? Comment down below and we will discuss it together!

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