Lineage II: Revolution Game Review – One of The Best MMORPG Game in 2018

Lineage II: Revolution Game Review – One of The Best MMORPG Game in 2018

Lineage is one of the best MMORPG game on PC. It is a pretty popular game that has build up a major user more than 43 million player playing it since its first release on Korea. Nowadays, the game has been added to the Android and iOS platform by Netmarble.



The game Lineage II: Revolution has actually been released last December in South Korea, however it is only a few months ago that the company Netmarble release this game Globally.

Lineage II: Revolution is an open world game MMORPG with a huge map. There are tons of monster spawn in one map area and of course each monster has their own type, the usual mobs, miniboss, and boss.

You can choose 4 race, which is a human, elf, dark elf and dwarf. Each heroes has a gender lock with a good balance stats depending on which race you choose. You can also choose jobs from warrior, rogue and mystic, with a total 6 different advancement depending on which basic job you choose on level 31. Also, beside leveling, you can improve your character stats by enchanting.

Like any other MMORPG game, this game also has a built in market where you can sell you high grade weapon for gold in the trading post. There are also a PvP System called Massive PvP system which is basically a team fight PvP system for 3vs3 or 5vs5.

Lastly, this game has a perfect gameplay and graphic. The only downside is the auto questing system which makes this game a lot easier and take away all the fun.

Well, if you are interested in playing then you can click on the link below! Thanks and have a nice day!

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