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4 Top Video Compressor Apps for Android 2018

Top Video Compressor App for Android 2018

Trying to post a video on social media but because of its size, you can’t? Well, using one of this app, now compress your video to a smaller size so that you can upload it wherever you wanted. Check it out!

1. Video Compress


This tool compresses video files and saves them on your phone.

Use it to reduce data usage. Compressing a video makes it much easier to share on social networks such as Facebook, google+, Whatsapp , etc.

– Creates compressed videos with high, normal, low video quality
– Friendly interface, easy to use, and very fast
– Supports almost all video formats
– Well organized ; displays the albums in your gallery that contain videos
– Generates a copy of the video while maintaining the original
– All the videos generated are available in an album in the video gallery
– Allows audio removal to further increase the compression of the video
– The longer the video, the greater the compression ratio
– Converts video files to MP3 audio files
– Rotates video
– Shares videos
– Extracts subtitles from videos
– Video compressor without loss of quality, TRY IT!

2. Video Converter, Video Compressor – VidCompact (Beta)


VidCompact – Video Converter is created by the same team of VideoShow App with over 200 million users.
It is a powerful but totally free video converter, compressor and trimmer of high user rating. It’s new app, but growing fast and having more and more useful functions. Convert videos to MP4 and free up lots of space with Video Converter&Compressor!
The Main Features:
– Covert videos to MP4 in simple steps.
– Compress video clips of any size.
– Crop & cut & trim video clips right on your device.
– Play video clips.
– Rename videos.
– Delete videos.
– Share video clips.

3. Gom Saver


GOM Saver built by the video experts at GOM & Company, with the goal to save you memory storage space on your smart phone. Cleaner apps temporarily save a few kilobytes (kb) cleaning cache, but this app will save you up to gigabytes (Gigs), making a great and huge impact on your memory storage.

No more deleting your apps, videos, photos, etc. when your memory storage is full, you can keep it all and add more!

What does GOM Saver do?
We all know that video and image files take up a lot of memory storage space. However, videos and images are precious to us, something we should keep and cherish. Not something to delete when we need memory storage space.
* GOM Saver, automatically and easily, optimizes the videos and images you shoot with your phone so that they take up less memory storage space without any noticeable loss in quality by using compression technology.
With 1 touch you can now keep all your videos and images, and make more!

4. Fast Video Compressor


Fast Video Compressor allows you to compress your favorite videos & share it to your family. You will find video trimmer feature, it helpful at when you need to reduce the size of some files.

Video Compressor: Resizer, sometimes you want to share videos to social apps but you can’t because of the big size. You have to either cut the video or reduce the quality to low.

Video Compressor – Video Size Reducer, it will reduces the size of downloaded video or videos present on your phone. The app compresses your videos size and it will save your memory size.

Video Compressor App, it is specially made to reduce the video size but no compromise in the quality. Turn your fav video into 3 options: Low, Medium & High. Choose the best for yourself!