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Galactic Frontline Review – One of The Greatest Sci-fi Game in 2018

Galactic Frontline – One of The Greatest Sci-fi Game in 2018

For those that might be bored while playing a fantasy theme strategic game, we have a good real – time strategy science fiction type of game, it is Galactic Frontline. The game is created by Netease.



Battle in real-time with players from around the world and climb the global rankings. Take part in worldwide tournaments.

Travel through the galaxy to experience the epic story of three races – the Terrans, Ensari and Zoltarians – as they fight for survival and supremacy on the Galactic Frontline.

The Galactic Frontline is waiting. Join the fight!

Battle Guide:

As the battle begins, both sides ships will occupy opposite ends of the map. Each captain will command a ship, up to 4 tactical escort vessels, and up to 6 combat units. Producing units and using skills requires energy. Energy cost, maximum energy level and regeneration rates vary based on time, upgrades, and map features.

The ship is the core system of any battle. If the enemy’s ship is destroyed, you win the battle. You need to use your energy wisely and make strategic decisions based on your opponent’s actions. Using your tactical skills in the right place at the right time, as well as deploying the best combat units for the situation, is the key to victory.
Take the opportunity to attack your enemy’s ship right away and dictate the rhythm of the battle.


Galactic Frontline is a game made by Netease. The creator also made the Rules of Survival, and Onmyoji. Now, Netease is making a new Sci-Fi theme game which include a real time strategy battle with other.

Galactic Frontline is a war game where you will be facing off in a battle of 3 race, Terrans, Ensari, and Zoltarians. You will be battling in a battleship while destroying your opponent battleship, utilize your troops / combat units, and Spell / tactical escort vessel to win the game. In a simpler term the game is pretty much Line Ranger but in a really good graphic and effect.

The game graphic is so awesome. It has a great game play and could potentially be one of the best game in 2018. However i personally don’t like the game tutorial system. There isn’t any skip button and the tutorial is very long. Well, if they add the skip button then i won’t complain any more.

If you want to try and fight me in a battle of galactic then you can try by downloading it in the link below!

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