Galactic Frontline Tips and Tricks – Easy Tips to Win more PvP Match!

Galactic Frontline Tips and Tricks – Easy Tips to Win more PvP Match!

Galactic Frontline is one of the most downloaded Real – Time Sci- Fi strategic game that is made by the company NetEase games that also made another good game called Rules of Survival and Onmyoji.

Based on the review of Galactic Frontline here. Today we will give you some of the tips and tricks for you, so that you can win the PvP match easier. So here are some of the tips and tricks that you can use to play the game.

1. Racial Advantages!

Remember that in this game, race is everything. However, if you don’t know anything. You will have a hard time playing the game. Which is why, to make your gameplay easier here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each race for you:

  • Terran: The Human race, it has a high production race, and unit limit. However, it has a low firepower and low in mobility.
  • Ensari: The Nobility race, it has a high fire power and high mobility place energy tech rate. However, low in production rate and command level.
  • Zoltarians: The Alien race, it has a high production rate, and mobility + balance in everything.


  • Production Rate: the higher your production rate, the more unit that you can produce in a ship. Meaning that you can make a unit faster after being summoned.
  • Energy Tech: is useful for summoning a new unit, it is because this stat affect the production of an energy that is useful to summon an unit or to easily use the escort vessel skill.
  • Mobility: affect in how fast your unit will move.
  • Unit limit: affect in the number of unit that you can produced one at a time.
  • Firepower: affect in the power of a single unit to easily kill the enemies.


This might be known for a lot of user in the game. However upgrades really does affect everything. For example for Terrans Unit called Interceptor which is only 1 Energy per summons. It has a lot of mobility, high production rate, but can be a bit difficult to handle if upgraded to the max.

Each upgrades will increase its stats + giving it a good passive abilities such as blocking the enemies 1st hit, or increasing the attack by 15% or even gaining an elite squad leader that has 100% more hp and attack.

3. More Energy Doesn’t mean better

For some beginner that is setting up their escort vessel and units. Remember this, that each time you start a battle or PvP with the enemies, you will need to have a easily replaceable or low Cost energy units that can either block of your enemies attack, or just beat them in a Quantity.

Quantity doesn’t necessarily better than Quality. However in this game, usually the more powerful the troops is, the higher the cost, which is understand able, which makes it a bit harder to summon / deploy. So in the beginning, i recommend you to use a good low cost unit, and a low cost Escort Vessel.

4. Achievement, Exhibition and Shop!

Each of this is important on their own, but to simply shorten this guide. I will give you a brief explanation.

  • Achievement is useful to get more ship modules that can be use to further upgrade your unit. However, You will also further increase your ship level by increasing your achievement.
  • Exhibition is useful to get more stuff or money in a single play. Each time you goes on a battle. Try to compete in an exhibition match.
  • Shop is self explanatory. It will give you a good amount of modules in exchange for some in game money.


Don’t think that the story mode in the game is not important. Story mode can unlock more Achievement, it give you more modules, and simply train you. It is because sometimes the AI in this game is a lot more harder than some PvP player.

It means that they will give you a good thinking strategy so that you will be able to use that in a real time battle match with other player.