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Dragon Nest M – The Most Anticipated Android MMORPG Game of 2018

Dragon Nest M – The Most Anticipated Android MMORPG Game of 2018

There are many MMORPG PC games that is being re made to the Android or iOS platform. Some are The Lineage, Sword Art Online, and many more. As you have guest, today, we are going to be reviewing about another re – made MMORPG game called Dragon Nest M!



–The classic never dies, Dragon Nest on mobile–
3D MMORPG, beyond the highest standard of mobile games
The perfect transplant of the PC gameplay, reappear the classic dungeons!
Chasing destiny girl Rose, the death of Gerrant, legend of the 6 heroes. You can experience the familiar story again
Mate, let’s meet in DN!

Honestly, most of the PC MMORPG game that is being re made to android lack a lot. It is because most of them implement the auto questing feature which takes away all the fun. However, this game, Dragon Nest M doesn’t implement this feature. On battle, either Player versus Monster PvM, or PvP Player versus Player, you will control your character manually, so it depends on your skill to win the battle.

Also this game doesn’t have an auto aim feature, which makes it harder for you to aim if you are using academic, or archer as your main character.

The gameplay is practically the same as any other mobile MMORPG game, with a simplified feature from the PC version. There are of course some other added feature like fairies and stuff, but that adds the fun – nest of the game.

The graphic are good, but not the best and also it has a 2,5D and 3D setting that can be change through out the game depending on your preference.

The story doesn’t differ much from the original Dragon Nest PC, which makes it a simplified version of the PC stories. There are also 2 job advancement that can be taken.

So? Are you interested in playing? Well, you could click on the link below to download it!

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