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Interesting Information You didn’t Know about Tinder

Tinder is a useful app to meet other people. It is fun to see who like you, who is a fuck boy, or who are searching for a relationship. However some people didn’t know the information that we are going to be listing below.

So, without further ado, here we are going to give you some of the information that people didn’t know about tinder.

1. Did you know that you have a way to know who likes who?

The app has a way to give you an information of who like who if you are using the tinder gold feature. However, there is a leeway so that you will be able to know who likes you, First use tinder for a day or two, just lets other people find you first.

After that, slide the maximum distance to 1 miles. After that, bunch of profile that has liked you will appear. Just so you know, the profile that had liked you will have more than 1 miles of a distance.

2. Did you know about the matching system?

This app will let you find a match online. However, did you know that you can change on who to view depending on your preference. Either male or female, old or young. However, your match needs to have the same preference as you. So if you are a guy, searching for another guy then you will be able to see them if they are also searching for another guy. You will need to especially remember this if you are discreet.

3. More people by manipulating your GPS

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Source: google play

If you want to have more like, then you will also need to expanse your area. Sure you can go around the town, but there are some more easier way, which is to use the Fake GPS app.

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