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Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to Play as Momiji (The Mapple Leaf Thrower)

Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks 2 – How to Play as Momiji (The Mapple Leaf Thrower)

Based on the review of Onmyoji Arena. Today, we are going to give you a review about a character on the game called Momiji.

Momiji is a Mage type Shikigami that is suited for every beginner that is playing Onmyoji Arena MOBA game for the first time. It is because of her ranged skills sets that include stuns, her high DPS, and global ultimate that can easily kill the enemies Shikigami.

Her skills set are:

Game Preparation:


1. Mandala Sutra  (Main Item)
  Mainly because of its Mana Regen, and Cooldown Reduction.
It’s passives, soul talisman and Harpy will recover your MP each time you kill an enemy
or each time you cast a spell.
This is a good Addition to you if you want to harass your enemies.
2. Demonic Boots  (Can be change with boots of purity.)
  Magic Penetration will gives you more damage, although a good CD boots will lets you
spam more skill.
3. Izanami Scepter  (Main Item)
  Additional movement speed bonus and ability power, this is your main damage dealing
items, so be sure to get it as fast as you can. Additionally the passive will help you kill
the enemy shikigami faster.
4. Eight Trigrams (Can be swapped with Night Parasol), If you are up with another Mage.
Mainly get this item for a tanks, this will help you harass tanks even with their full health
and armor

That is all for the basic 4 items, you can combine them all with the swapped items, or added a Chiyo’s sword for additional spell vamps and cool down reduction and depending on the enemies, you can go on defense with Sylph’s harp, or attack with Ama-no-Ohabari.



For Onmyodo, you might want to focus more on Magic Penetration, Cooldown reduction, and Spell vamp.

Notice, as i don’t buy any Spell vamp item, it is because my Onmyodo already covers most of my basic spell vamps, letting me survive more attacks without going back to the base. Harass is useful because of her second skills, that let’s you stuns any enemy in area for every 7 sec, and summon purgatory will damage the enemy Shikigamy each time you use a skills.

So it will definitely do more damage, it is useful if you are using the ultimate that can be cast globaly.

Skill Combination:

Momiji excel in harassing the opponents in early game. She is suited for either mid laning or simply supporting your allies.

Mid laners:
Collect skill 1 first, Skill 2, skill 3, and then maxed out skill 1, and take ultimate whenever available.

Mid laners can harass your enemies by using skill one. Use it on the minions or creeps, because the skill will bounce to any enemies that is close to it. Use skill 2 if you can stun them for additional damage, and if you had taken the passives, then do her combos, use skill 2 once, if you hit twice let them go.

If not, use skill one again so that her passives will be activated. It is because her passives will damage the enemies if her skill hits twice. Focus on doing that until your enemies health is below 50% then try to stun them and finish for the kill. If the enemies try to run, proceed in using your ultimate that can be use globally.

Top / Bottom Laners :
Collect skill 2 first, skill 1, skill 3, and then distribute them equally depending on which skill you can hit more, and take ultimate whenever available.

Top / Bottom laners should focus on harassing while supporting your friends. Stun them whenever you can so that you can gives your friends a chance to kill the enemies, and use skill 1 whenever available.

Momiji’s passives will activated if your health is 50% or below purifying all stuns and debuffs, which makes her hard to kill. Use flash to run and leaves your tower if you can’t defends. Try to use second skill to clean up minions, and target your enemy Shikigami if you can.

So, there you have it. A good tips and tricks for you to use Momiji, For other heroes guide you can click

“Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks : Guide for Most Heroes!”

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