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Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – Kraken? Orochi? Check It Out Here!!

Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – Kraken? Orochi? Check It Out Here!!

Based on the same review, Onmyoji Arena review, If you haven’t check it out yet click here. The game is one of the most popular game available right now and there are so many things to covered, like what is the use of Kraken, and what about Orochi, there are also Kirin and Ryujin. What about the jungle monster and so on.

So, to answer your curiosity, we will give you some tips that will help you understand this game more. Check it out!

1. Jungling?!

Unlike the others MOBA games, this game has a different jungle system. In other MOBA game like ML or AoV, if you kill the jungle, and your other team mates is near the jungle monster, then they will also get the exp. The exp is shared to every body that is near that jungle.

However, in Onmyoji Arena it is not shared, making your team, needs to divide each roles, from Tanking, Marksman, Mage, Ninja, Support, and last, jungling. Or else, if you are up with a pro player. Then you will definitely lose a lot of exp and money.

2. 4 Types of Jungle Buffs.

There are 4 types of jungle buffs, which is the Slow, Stun, Armor Break, and Heal down. Each buffs will be given depending on the respective Kirin that you had Killed.

  • Fire Kirin (Red Kirin) will gives you a Heal Down Effect.
  • Water Kirin (Blue Kirin) will gives you a Armor Break Effect.
  • Lightning Kirin (Purple Kirin) will gives you a Stun Effect.
  • Wind Kirin (Green Kirin) will gives you a Slow Effect.

If you are a Mage, try to get the slow or heal down effect. A Ninja would be useful with Armor Break effect, and slow effect, A tank with Stunning effects, and a Marksman with armor break or slow effects.

In total you and your opponents will be rotating the jungle effects, so if your teams has water and lightning, then your enemies will have fire and wind. Remember that, because it will definitely be useful.

3. Kraken and Ryujin?!

Apart from the usual jungle monster, there are 3 Jungle Lords in the game, 1 is Orochi that will usually spawn in the upper part of the map, and the other is Kraken or Ryujin that will usually spawn in the lower part of the map depending on which team you are in. The Jungle Lords Kraken and Ryujin can’t exist at the same time, one must be dead for the other to appear. Each has their own use use too.

  • Kraken will gives you a +5% matt and att, If you successfully pick up the flag, then you will be able to use the kraken special moves that can lock one tower. Rendering it unable to hit anything but the Kraken itself, for some times.
  • Ryujin  will gives you a +5% matt and att, will gives you and your team mates a Resurrection potion that will heal your health 50% if you died.

4. Orochi!

Like any others MOBA game, killing a Jungle lord will gives you a huge merits, it is the same with Orochi. Killing it will activate the death parade, or should i call it the epic tower defense mode. If you are the killer, you will be given 3 waves, each waves will spawn a more powerful creeps that if killed, will gives the enemies low exp. It is easier for the creeps to destroy the towers. It is like lords in Mobile Legends, but its power is divided to 3.

5. Preparation is important.

Do you know, that unlike others MOBA, this game has items that can be activated at whims? Some items has its active phase, that if you click on it.

You will get some enormous buffs like can’t be targeted for 2.5s, Crowd control immunity, area heals, buffs and so on. It is pretty useful if you read the items first before practically using it in the games. Because sometimes, the in game suggestion is trash.

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