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Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to Play as Ebisu: The Shikigami Fisherman

Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to Play as Ebisu: The Shikigami Fisherman

Based on the review of Onmyoji Arena. Today, we are going to give you a review about a character on the game called Ebisu.

Ebisu is a support / Tank type shikigami that is suited for bot lane. His second skill is so annoying if you managed to land a hit, and you can easily support your teams in the back line and front line by either healing or stunning the enemies Shikigami.

Ebisu excel in hooking the opponents and rendering them unable to move in the battle for 2,5 seconds. He is a pretty fun Shikigami to play, but i don’t suggest a beginner to play him, because he has no damage at all and can only be useful if his skills manage to land a hit.

His skill sets are:

Game Preparation:


1. Astrolabe  (Main Item can be swapped with 8th Magatama)
Your main support item, it is useful for its regen, MP and HP. The CD Reduction is also useful
but the main reason to take this item is the active skills that can be useful whenever you are in danger
Its active will let’s you activate a shield that can protect you and your allies.
But if you want a much more easier item, 8th magatama with its passives will do you good (Assist section)
2. Wind Walkers  (Can be swapped with Hagakure Boots.)
Wind walker is useful to regen your HP, so that you won’t need to go back to your Base
and you can roam much faster. But if you want to survive much longer and be a tank/support.
Hagakure boots is your choices (The defense boots)
3. Little Bells  (Support items, can be change with Tsukuyomi Do)
Main reason to get this is the movement speed bonus and the +90 Ability power.
But the reduce healing effect and the mp regen is also good. However this is more suited for Support built
If you want a more tank built. Use Tsukuyomi Do (Defense Section)
4. Hoko Do (Main armor)
Hoko Do is the main armor for Ebisu. Because he is a melee support, He needs a lot of armor
and magic resist items so that he won’t be killed easily. Hoko Do passive is useful if you want to run
plus its armor and HP is useful for Ebisu Survive ability.

This is 4 main item for Ebisu, and depending on your enemies shikigami. You can add the 5th and 6th slots of the items for either magic resist or Armor. It is because without armor. Ebisu will die in a minutes even seconds. His early items is targeted mainly for the MP regen and Cooldown Reduction.

However, after the third and above, it is usually for tanking or supporting your allies. You can use Sanzu River Lantern if your enemies is a mage, Sessho Seki Do if your enemies is a ninja, Samurai, or Marksman and Night Parasol if you want to support your teams. Depending on how you set your items. You can be a tanker, a hybrid support tanker, or simply just a support.


For Ebisu Onmyodo, because he is a tank/support type of Shikigami, i recommend you to increase his Ability power for more damage and heal. Armor for survive ability so that he can tank more and save your team mates or allies. Cool down reduction so that you can spam your heal and second skill in the early game.

Kiai which is useful for MP Regeneration especially in the early game. Witch Prayer which is useful spells reduction cool down, you can use flash more to run and to do some combos with your second skill, and lastly Sorcery to protect your allies.

Skill Combination:

Ebisu is a support type of shikigami, because of that. His skill sets are:
Take skill 2 first, and then skill 3, and skill 1. Maximize skill 2 first, after that distribute them evenly. Take ultimate whenever available.

Ebisu excel in supporting your allies with his heals and saving them by using his stuns while being an annoyance to your enemies. Use skill 2 in your enemies direction, not on it. Because there is a slight delay before the Skill works. If you don’t hit any enemies, release the fishing state (Note to every Ebisu player, Fishing state’s doesn’t do anything. It is not a trap where if your enemies walk on to it they will be hit or anything.) If you do hit your enemies, wait 0.5 seconds before pulling them, and then use your third skill to stun them even more.

Ebisu is suited to be with a marksman or mage, or any damage dealer in the game. It is because damage dealer usually needs a lots of kills, exp and gold. Well, Ebisu can help with all of those things, Ebisu can tank, Support, and heal. Just remember that ebisu is not a damage dealer. He can’t even kill a creeps / minions alone. If your allies need a help, use your ultimate, because it can purify any debuffs like slow, stun, knock up, etc and can even heal them.

So there you have a simple guide about Ebisu. For other heroes guide you can click

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What kind of shikigami that you want us to review next? Comment below. Thanks and have a nice day!