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Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to Play as Hakuro, The Roaming Marksman

Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to Play as Hakuro: The Roaming Marksman

Based on the review of Onmyoji Arena. Today, we are going to give you a review about a character on the game called Hakuro.

Hakuro is one of the Shikigami that you can get for free since the day you play Onmyoji Arena. She is a marksman type Shikigami with a high attack, high critical rate, and with a roaming ability to boot if you click on the first skill. She is one of the most OP Shikigami that if played right, can change the flow of the game. Hakuro is best suited for beginner.

Her skill sets are:

Game Preparation


1. Otenta  (Main Item)
This is actually your main weapon for early game. Hakuro can deal damage in the early game
thanks to her Passives that increase her Critical rate by 15% in the early game
With otenta, Each time you hit critical, your damage will deal additional damage, + your third skill
that can be use to further increase your basic attack.
2. Wind Walkers  (Main Roaming Items)
Recomend you to take Wind Walkers if you are losing.
Hakuro Power is mainly upon her roaming power, Taking all the EXP while Poking the enemies Shikigami
This is a good Item to roam.
After finishing your lanes, Go to the middle land to help your friends and the go back again.
3. Juzumaru  (Tank Damaging Item)
A good Item to harass tanks. Especially in the late game.
Because of its passives to deal damage 4% of the target max HP.
Usually you will be getting this item in 5/6 minutes in the game.
If you are losing, then i recommend you to Skip this and buy Onimaru. 
4. Onimaru (Main Lifesteal item)
Every Marksman needs a Lifesteal item to enhance its durability and survive ability in the game
For Hakuro, Onimaru is that item, the additional 20% lifesteal is great, and i recommend you guys to pick this if you are losing a battle.

For the 5th and 6th slots items, You can use either the armor Penetration Tsurumaru that can easily increase your damage further. A Hawk Bow if you want to increase your lifesteal and Mobbing ability / farming ability, and lastly Raja Warhammer If all your enemies is a stunner and you are sick of being stun, use the active button to be immune to cc and attacking while shooting.

Don’t worry about dying because you will die either way if you are ganked. Better increase your chance by shooting and Life stealing.


Notice that i pick Armor penetration rather than attack speed, it is because armor penetration can hit the enemies harder in the early game and attack speed can be bought with an Items/Equip. Movement speed is for quick roaming ability.

Crit Damage will increase your damage, don’t pick crit rate, because Hakuro Crit rate is already high. Shatter to Kill the enemies faster, and to finish of the deal. Fox Blaze, to increase your Survive Ability in the late game so that you won’t need to buy an armor, and lastly Panther Maul is to harass your enemies in the early game.

Skill Combination:

Hakuro is a marksman Type shikigami which emphasize on the critical hit and roaming ability. His skills that you need to take are:
Take Skill 1 first, Skill 2, and skill 3. Level up skill 1 to the max and skill 3. Max skill 2 last and take ultimate whenever you can.

Hakuro excel in roaming, which makes it useful for gank. In the video i pick Pace and Flash. It is because with pace, you can skip the wind walker items and just go straight on Juzumaru after Otenta. While flash can saves you in a pinch whenever you are targeted.

Use Haste / skill 1 + Pace when gank-ing, but remember to finish your lanes creeps/minions first. Do this and you will win in terms of level and gold. Another good thing about this build and hakuro is that, because she is fast. She can go anywhere to save your towers.

So that not even 1 tower will be lose in the game, but remember this. If you harass or be an annoyance to the enemies. The enemies Ninja will target you. So be careful. A good buff for Hakuro is the stun buff which comes from Purple Kirin. So be sure to get those if you can.

So there you have it. A good Guide for Hakuro the roaming marksman. For other heroes guide you can click

“Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks : Guide for Most Heroes!”

What kind of shikigami that you want us to review next? Comment below. Thanks and have a nice day!