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Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to Play as Inugami, The Samurai Doggy

Based on the review of Onmyoji Arena. Today, we are going to give you a review about a character on the game called Inugami.

Inugami is a Samurai/Ninja type Shikigami that is one of the most popular shikigami right now because of his high mobility and high attack. He is so over powered that he can even win with 3 vs 1 alone depending on your item sets and the enemies level.

Although he is so good in battle, he is so hard to use for a newbie player / beginner. Newbie that use him will automatically burden their teams (if he is feeding the enemy team). He is like Fanny in Mobile legend, but easier to master.

His Skill sets are:

Game Preparation


1. Blank Lance (Main Jungling Item)
The reason for this item is the ability to gain health when jungling.
It is one of the best item for jungling added with the +90 damage and 10% CD red.
It will make you hurt like hell in the early game.
2. Wind Walker  (Main Roaming Item)
Inugami is one of the best roamer because of his third skill.
He can run faster while killing the jungle and helping your team while using this boots.
3. Chidori Twin Sword (Main De buff item)
The reason for buying this item is the movement speed debuff.
Although inugami can run, he will be able to easily finish the kill with this item.
The HP, +Att spd, +att, will also help in killing the enemies.
4. Otento (Main Damage Dealer item)
Otento hurts like hell. Added with Inugami passives that can deal true damage
Your enemies will die easier than ever.
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For his 5th and 6th items, you might want to get a lifesteal item in the late game, because it will definitely be at use, so depending on your team condition buy Onimaru as your 5th item or Bonerotter for more armor. The 6th item might be Tsurumaru for Physical penetration, making Inugami one unstoppable killing machine that can kill your enemies in seconds.


For onmyodo, i am mainly focusing on balance, because i don’t want my inugami to be killed easilly. Armor for more survive ability in the early game, movement speed for roaming and running around added with the item Wind Walker he will be one of the unstoppable runner in the game, Attack speed for faster jungling and kill, Attack HP Steal is for Survive ability. Shadow hunt will help you in surprising the enemies in the bush especially with your knockback ability, Witch Prayer So that you will be able to use subdue making you one of the fastest jungler, and lastly Panther maul for that juicy burst damage.

Skill Combination

Because inugami is a ninja/samurai type shikigami, i recommend you to take:
Second skill, first skill(Passive), third skill, after that max your passives first and divide the other skill equally, and take Ultimate whenever you can.

Inugami is one of the most OP Shikigami. He has Crowd Control Immunity (Slow, Stun, immobile etc) with a high attack damage, and area attack. He is one of the most used Shikigami of all, and have been favorite by all.

A good Inugami will hide in the bush, and ambushing the other Shikigami if they can, and roam around the map helping others while jungling. See the map and target a squishy marksman and mage. Especially marksman (don’t let marksman get fat because they will kill you in second in the late game).

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So here is the thing, His First skill Loyal Heart (Passive skill) will deal true damage to enemies heroes that have killed most, but actually It will deal true damage to any shikigami + the skill will also activate when dealing a jungle monster, making him the fastest jungler in the game.

He won’t even need to return to base or buy a life steal item in the early game because of my onmyodo life steal build. Just go in the jungle and subdue or simply hit the jungle monster. His heart blade passive will activate each time you use your skill.

So wait in the bush for the enemies shikigami to come. Activate your Ultimate, go in by using your third skill rising wind (Run and slash) hit the enemies 3 times, skill 2 Sky Slash (Slow) then hit 3 times again. That is the easiest combo. If by chance your enemies is a Mage, simply go in with flash (after using ultimate), hit them with slow, try to time your run and slash skill with their CC (Easier said than done) and finish the jobs.

He excel in killing the enemies in early to mid game, but that doesn’t mean he is useless in the late game. Roam around alone if you are confident, and then find one enemies that is clearing the lane alone. Hit them and kill them. Target the mage one, because they are your main exp source.

Usually you can go in after level 4, but you need to take in the consideration of the enemies distance from your tower, the enemies crowd control, and how many enemies are there. So, be really careful because a dead Inugami is a burden for the whole team as it will be 4 vs 5. Well, unless you are winning, just roam, jungle, see enemies try to kill, if you can’t run. Do that over and over until you win.

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(Sadly, in the video above, i didn’t get MVP, but still i got Quad kill. So i hope you can tolerate it)

Anyway, here is the guide for Inugami. I hope that you guys will be fine with it and hopefully it had answer some of your question regarding the shikigami.

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If you had anymore question and if you want to let us know who else do you want us to make a guide for then i recommend you to comment in the link below. Thank you.

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