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Dragon Nest M Tips and Tricks – How to Level Up Easily in The Game

Dragon Nest M Tips and Tricks – How to Level Up Easily in The Game

Based on the game Dragon Nest M game review. The game is very popular, and has been downloaded by millions of people with 4.2 star review world wide. It is the number 2 top grossing action game on Google Play store and has had more than 57 server in the game.

Dragon Nest M is a pretty fun game to play, but the game feature is unlocked in each time you level up, for example you will unlock Fishing, Farming and cooking in lvl 32. You will unlock nesting in lvl 24, and Dragonware in 35.

In the early level, you will be able to level up easily, but after you hit lvl 29, you will need to use some of this tips and tricks to level.

1. Daily Quest

One of the most easy way to level steadily is by using a daily quest feature on Dragon Nest. Each day, after the resets on 5 AM on SEA server, you will be able to do some Daily quest. It consist in 6 small quest that can be completed easily by either sweeping a dungeon, collecting an items that can be assisted by your own Guild Mates, and simply by finishing a Dungeon Nest. It will gives you 15000+ EXP per completion and items to boot.

2. Weekly Dungeon

Besides Daily Quest, Weekly dungeon is one way to level. It is unlocked on lvl 33, and is usually use to level in the late game. It is updated weekly and usually is pretty hard to complete, some of the quest will include you stealing farming crops in your friends house, Cooking something and submiting it, Helping by donating, and some other dungeon quest.

It will gives you a 5000+ EXP per quest and if you finished them all, you will get additional bonus from items and exp.

3. Dungeon Nesting and Abyss

All of you had known this, but dungeon nesting and abyss are some way to level up. The problem is, most people don’t use the chance to buy more dungeon nesting chances, and assist. Chances will allows you to get more items, but assisting a team mates / guild mates will help you in gaining more experience per say in the dungeon.

4. Daily Stamina

By picking up a daily stamina each day, you will get more chance to do more dungeon diving or simply by sweeping them. Additional stamina can also be use for dungeon nesting, and abyss. Just use every bit of your stamina before logging off.

5. Don’t save up your dragon coins

You know, dragon coins is useful for buying more items, and summoning fairy to help you in battle, but one of the most useful things that you can do with Dragon Coins is to buy more dungeon chance and Abyss Chance, Stamina, and even retrieve some EXP while you are at it. It can also be use to buy more coins and items in Retrieve reward.