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Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to Play as Otengu, The Tornado Maker

Based on the review of Onmyoji Arena. Today, we are going to give you a review about a character on the game called Otengu.

Otengu is a mage type shikigami with a high area burst damage, an auto stunner, with a low cool down making him one of the most tricky hero to deal with. He is one of the most used shikigami in the talent quest and can even kill any tank easily because of his passives. He is very easy to use and is recommended for any beginner.

His skill sets are:

Game Preparation


1. Mandala Sutra (Main MP Regeneration Item)
Mandala sutra is a great item for any mage, mainly because of its MP regeneration.
Cooldown reduction and, a good Ability power bonus, but the thing is its passives.
The passives will reduce your MP Consumption to 75% while restoring your MP
with each kill. Making it a great early game item.
2. Demonic Boots  (Main Roaming Item)
Demonic boots is useful for its Magic Penetration, making Otengu can kill easily
3. Izanami’s Scepter (Main Burst damage item)
The reason for buying this item is for the burst damage.
Otengu can easily kill anything with this item because of its passives.
It will deal burst damage by 150%+ your magic damage
for every 9s you use your skill.
4. Tale of Izumo (Main Damage Dealer item)
Otengu will be able to deal more damage by using this items
It is because of its passive that is able to deal more damage to 35%
of the ability damage.
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For the 5th and 6th items, i recommend you to see the enemies item. If by chance your enemies is a tank with a magic resist item, then use Eight Trigrams item that can gives you 35% magic penetration, if not then simply buy Shicimen Tennyo for more HP and MP regen plus added damage. The 6th item is the Marsh Moon, to slow down the enemies shikigami each time you use skill.


For Onmyodo, i use Magic Penetration for more ability damage, Cooldown Reduction so that you can use more spell, Spell Vampire for more survive ability, but then you can change it with movement speed for more roaming ability. Kiai for MP restoration in the early game, Feather Sigil for added damage in the late game, and lastly Panther Maul for that burst damage!

Skill combination:

Otengu is a Mage type shikigami, because of that i recommend you to take:
Second skill first, Third skill, passive skill (First skill) and max your second skill. After that, your third skill and lastly your Passives. Take ultimate whenever you can!

Otengu is one of the easiest shikigami. He has a high burst damage, a stunning skill, and lastly and low Cooldown making him perfect for poking and finishing the enemies shikigami in seconds. He also has a a shield that can shield any shikigami skill once and taking no damage which makes him perfects for running when he is being gank.

This character is best suited for mid lanes, it is so that he can helps your allies ganking any enemies. A good Otengu will roam to either top or bottom lane after finishing the creeps and helping your allies taking the kill. Pace is a good spell if you want a high roaming ability and flash will help you in running if you are ganked.

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In late game, you are able to one hit any enemy shikigami especially a Mage, Marksman, Samurai and support. Go in the bush and take the enemy by surprise. You will be able to do that by using the third skill to knock them up, second skill to deal damage, and finish them off with your ultimate and then run, or you can simply poke them again and again by using your second skill and simply flash to take the kill.

If you are on a losing team, then simply use your ultimate to defend your tower, don’t worry. Because Otengu’s ultimate cooldown is very low and can be used again in 20s.

Anyway, here is the guide for Otengu. I hope that you guys will be fine with it and hopefully it had answer some of your question regarding the shikigami.

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If you had anymore question and if you want to let us know who else do you want us to make a guide for then i recommend you to comment in the link below. Thank you. Have a nice day!

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