Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to Play as Yotohime, The Ninja like Samurai

Based on the review of Onmyoji Arena. Today, we are going to give you a review about a character on the game called Yotohime.

Yotohime is a Ninja / Samurai type shikigami, it means that she can hit like a Ninja but has a durability like a samurai. However, that doesn’t mean that Yotohime can go in an out whenever she wanted. Yotohime users needs to be careful, it is because she depends on its equipment which is why you mustn’t let she die in the early game and simply farm and if you can ganked with your allies to kill the enemies.

Yotohime is a Mage and Marksman killer because of her ultimate that can’t be targeted by anything for 2s but can easily be killed by any Tank and another Samurai depending on the item sets and timing. She is a really hard Shikigami to play but if you can use her, she can be a huge pain for your enemies team.

Her skill sets are:

Game Preparation


1. Wind Walker (Main Roaming Item)
Simple item to be effective in laning an jungling. Especially if you are using Subdue
buy hunt knife (Only the hunt knife). Kill the laning minion first then kill your jungle.
Time yourself to get the maximum exp
2. Mikazuki  (Main item)
Take mikazuki for its cooldown reduction to use more ultimate,
Health for more durability, attack for harder hit
but most importantly its Armor penetration.
3. Omoikane’s Bow (Main  item)
Yotohime attacks will depends on this item in my opinion.
It is because this item do well with her 2nd skill.
She will definitely do critical hit at least once with your second skill making her a hard hitter.
4. Eye of orochi (Life Stealing item)
 Eye of orochi will make you clean your lane easily.
You see, her ultimate will hit the enemies surrounding randomly.
By cleaning your lane first before using your ultimate, you will be able to only hit the enemies
shikigami while using your ultimate.
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For the 5th and 6th item, Otenta is a useful addition for Yotohime because of omoikane’s bow. The last item will depend on your enemies, another Life stealing item is good if you are winning while demon mask is also good for more durability. If your enemies is a Mage, use the item Greater Devourer Ball that can gives you additional shield and magic resist while adding more damage and cool down reduction.


For the Onmyodo, i recommend you to use this built. Attack speed for faster attack and faster jungle clearing item. You can also change the attack speed for attack damage if you want to. The Armor Penetration is for harder hit to kill tank or simply to damage them.

Attack HP Steal for durability in the early game but you can also change it with movement speed or cooldown reduction. Shadow Hunt is for surprising your enemies to simply kill them. Feather Sigil is for increasing the attack damage in the late game and lastly Sorcery Star to increase your overall damage.

You see Yotohime ultimate will hit 6 times making it very easy to maximize Sorcery Star potential. Combine with a good item, Yotohime will be an unstoppable killing machine.

Skill Combination

Because Yotohime is a ninja/samurai type shikigami, i recommend you to take:
Second skill, Third skill, First skill, after that max your second skill first and then max your third skill. Take ultimate whenever you can.

You see, Yotohime is a Ninja / Samurai, which means she is perfect in early to mid game depending on your build. She is a huge damage dealer because of her ultimate and can be a game changer if she can be played right.

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Yotohime will need to jungle at early game to build up exp and items so that she can hit more. The perfect spell is Flash and Subdue, but you can change subdue with heal depending on your built item. I simply use subdue so that she will be able to level up more easily.

For starter you will be using your second skill to improve her damage, and her attack speed so that she will be able to finish jungle and minion faster. Her third skill will reset itself even if you don’t kill other shikigami heroes, it will reset if you kill Jungle, creeps anything as long as you kill them, this is your laning skill and running skill so be sure to time it right, and lastly for Ultimate.

You can always use it when you are trying to kill the enemies, find the lone enemy shikigami marksman / mage and then use your ultimate, use your second skill and then hit them. They will usually die.

If you are a pro at using Yotohime and had a flash spell ready. Go inside the tower range, (It is more beneficial if the enemy that you are facing is a Mage / Marksman) and hit them. If you are going to die or have a health lower than 60% use your ultimate and kill them. Use your third skill to go out of the tower and use flash if needed. Interestingly enough, if you use his engarde skill (First skill) You will be able to negate most damage. So be sure to time it with your opponents ultimate.

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Anyway, here is the guide for Yotohime. I hope that you guys will be fine with it and hopefully it had answer some of your question regarding the shikigami.

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If you had anymore question and if you want to let us know who else do you want us to make a guide for then i recommend you to comment in the link below. Thank you…

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