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Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to Play as Samurai X, The Tomb Samurai

Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to Play as Samurai X, The Tomb Samurai

Based on the review of Onmyoji Arena. Today, we are going to give you a review about a character on the game called Samurai X.

Samurai X is a tank type Shikigami. He is underrated by so many people but if you used correctly, it can be a huge addition for your team.

First of all, he got everything that you want in a tank. A huge health, durability, crowd control, and taunting ability. It making him one of the most useful shikigami in the game. If he is equip with a good item that can further enhance his defense and health, he will be one unstoppable tank. Just remember that he is a tank, meaning that you don’t need to take the kill to use him, support others and help them survive to win the game.

His skill sets are:

Game Preparation


1. Soul Grabber (Main Damage Dealing Item)
While Soul Grabber is an armor equip, it is one of the best damage dealing weapon for Tank.
It is because of its passives that can deal more damage the more armor you have
the 20% cool down reduction means that you can spam more first and second skill
which makes it a great item addition for samurai X.
2. Hagakure Boots  (Main Roaming Item)
Hagakure boots is useful for its Armor.
With it you can go in more making samurai x more durable.
3. Sessho Seki Do (Main  item)
Sessho Seki Do has a huge armor bonus, making it a useful item combination with soul grabber.
Aanother reason to get this is the damage reflect passives and the critical shield passives.
This is one of the main item for Samurai X.
4. Ninth Wing Heaven (Main Magic Defense item)
If the enemy has more Magic user than assassin or samurai. I recommend you to use this item.
The ninth wing heaven. The item will gives you additional magic resist, but most importantly, it will increase your magic resist every time you got attack by magic.

For the 5th and 6th item, just see the enemies Shikigami first. If your enemies are Assassin and Marksman then buy Hoko Do, and if your enemies is a Magician then please buy Demon Mask or Lavish Red Robe. Demon Mask is useful for more armor and magic resist while Lavish Red Robe will help your team mates over all.


For Onmyodo, you can use the basics tank Onmyodo sets that focus on attack damage for early game farming. Armor and Magic Resist for more durability. Umbrella shield for 5% permanent armor and magic resist bonus. Mortality that can be use to harass the enemies shikigami and lastly divination for more damage while solo laning in the top lane.

Skill Combination

Because Samurai X is a tank type Shikigami, i suggest you to take:
First skill, second skill, first skill and lastly third skill, take ultimate whenever available. Max your first skill first and second skill next after that the third skill.

Samurai X is one of the best tanker on the game. However, it is mostly underrated because of its simple design and most people don’t know what they can do with him. In early game, Samurai X excel in harassing his enemies by spamming his first skill. Each time you use your first skill, 3 of your next basic attack will hurt so much more.

While using Samurai X, it is okay to go in especially in early game to harass the enemy, at least until your health is half or lower than half. And then harass your enemies by using your first skill while luring them into the tower. If they by chance are lured into the tower, let them hit you and use your second skill (Tomb dust). If your health is low, use heal or barrier to further enhance your health, and most of the times the enemies will die.

Anyway, in middle to late game, roam and help your enemies, it is recommend for you to roam when you reach lvl 6. Help the bottom lane but leave the tower after clearing the lane first. If you can communicate with your team mates, make sure to have them defend the tower first before roaming and ganking the other enemies shikigami.

Use taunt to help your allies if they are being targeted by Assassins. Remember to always open the war with the first skill and when you are near the enemies use your second skill Tomb Dust.

Anyway, here is the guide for Samurai X. I hope that you guys will be fine with it and hopefully it had answer some of your question regarding the Shikigami.

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If you had anymore question and if you want to let us know who else do you want us to make a guide for then i recommend you to comment in the link below. Thank you. Have a nice day!