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Colorful Mystery Day: Match 3 – A Layton Theme Puzzle Games

Layton is one of the best Puzzle NDS game. Layton has an unique graphic, play style, and interesting puzzle that can captivate thousands of players over the world. While the game that i am going to review right now might not be made by the same developer, it has the same theme and graphics which makes the players reminisce about the game, Layton. The game is called Colorful Mystery Day: Match 3.

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Colorful Mystery Days: Match 3 is a puzzle match game, in which the player is task to slide and move the things on your screen to match it from 3 to 5 in a row. If you match 4 you will get a rocket, while 5 will give you a bom.

You will then be playing as Lily a new detective on the Street in London. She is very unlucky because she immediately got into a case after arriving on Times Square.

Like any other puzzle match game, you will be task to collect a set of items for example 15 gloves, or 30 shirts or even a panel with a limited number of moves. You will be given the task each time you go in a stages. After finishing each stages you will be given a sum of money and an electric bulb which represent an intuition in the game.

This game is interesting not only from the gameplay, but also because of the mystery contain with it. The story and most of all the sense of nostalgia while playing the game. If you want to play a game with a similar atmosphere to the Layton game then this one is for you.

App Rating : Colorful Mystery Days: Match 3 (Free)

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