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Hello Neighbor Mobile – Try for The Beta Test!

For those that have played or want to play Hello Neighbor you should be happy. At May 10th, the developer has been releasing a trailer for Mobile version as well as the form of registration for the beta testing.

Source: Hello neighbor official site

If you have played the Hello Neighbor game, then you might already know what you will be getting into the game. For example, you will be having to deal with a crazy neighbor with a really cool house, and your job is to find out what is the mystery behind that house.

The game stories is pretty much the same with the PC version. However, that doesn’t mean it is necessarily the same. We still don’t know if the developer will be giving a new feature to the mobile version of the game. Of course, it is still beta which means there is still so many rooms for more updates.

Truthfully though, the game is very interesting and really nice looking too. However, the button is too big for the screen. It making harder for you to look around in the game, especially if your phone had a small screen.

Another problem is the screen lookout setting, for those that have played the PC version, you might have a bit of a problem, because it is not as easy as the mobile version. Especially if player are being chased by the crazy neighbor. The Lookout System will makes it significantly harder for the player.

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Well, apart from all, if you want to be a part of the beta tester then you could always fill up the form in the link here!

—Registration Form for Android/iPhone Hello Neighbor Beta Test—

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