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Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – Guide How to Play as Jikikaeru, The Onmyoji Trickster

Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – Guide How to Play as Jikikaeru, The Onmyoji Trickster

Based on the review of Onmyoji Arena. Today, we are going to give you a review about a character on the game called Jikikaeru.

Jikikaeru is a marksman type shikigami that excel in tricking the enemies around. De-Buffing them while having a high burst damage as a marksman. However, he is very tricky to be played with, which is why he is not that popular.

Jikikaeru can win against any other marksman in a full item and full level setting if played right because of his ability to surprise the enemies and his abilities to stun the enemies. He is very fun to play and for those that regret buying him. Don’t!

His skill sets are:

Game Preparation


1. Ningyo Sould Stone (Main Item)
For early game, this is your main item. The reason is, as Jikikaeru, you will spam your skill more in the early game.
Making your Mana really spendable especially your third skill. Which is why, this item is your savior.
The added mana for about 1200, plus the mana regen, will help you in the early game.
In the late game: Change this item with either JUZUMARU / TSURUMARU.JUZUMARU: TANK KILLING ITEM.
2. Boots of Purity  (Main Roaming Items)
Boots of purity is useful because of its cooldown reduction.
The main purpose for using this item is to get the CD for Jikikaeru to 40% which is the max.
Which is why use this item, but you can still change it for Hagakure / Wind walker.
3. Grass Cutting Sword (Main Item)
This item is pretty useful for jikikaeru because of his 3rd skill, that enables him to use his skill for every 1s.
With it, you will be able to deal more damage each time you use a skill. Which synergy with her 3rd skill
Another reason is for its MP regeneration and Cooldown.
It is an all purpose item, that is great for Jikikaeru.
4. Otento (Main Damage item)
As a marksman, he will need a critical item, which means that this item will be the best for him.
Another reason is because it synergy with his ultimate, making him one of the highest damage Marksman.
If chin wins in attack speed. Jikikaeru wins in attack damage. sadly below Hakuro and Kanko.
5. Red Mark Katar (Main Lifesteal item)
The first tier of Lifesteal. It is one of the best way to utilize your money.
Jikikaeru is a main damage dealer, however he needs life steal to survive.
Using red mark katar, you will be able to get life steal with only 720 gold.
And then move on to the next item. Buy Onimaru, only if you had buy the next item.
6. Hawk Bow (Main Lifesteal item)
Hawk bow is really great for any marksman. The reason as to why buying this item first than onimaru.
Because with this item, you will be able to gain 3 lifesteal. Which makes it much more easier to kill and farm.
While gaining the advantages of a lifesteal item with only 720 gold.


For Onmyodo, i recommend you to use this set:

Movement speed to easily outrun any enemies because your second skill can only makes you disappear for 1.5s. Attack speed for spamming your attack so you can swap and get more tiles. Cooldown reduction is for spamable 3rd skill, easily giving you a 3 tiles. Kiai for more spamable skill in early game. Feather Sigil for late game increase ability damage, and sorcery star is for more damage in early – late game.

Skill Combination

I suggest you to take the:
Skill 1 First, Skill 2, and skill 3. Max skill 1 first and then skill 2 next. Take ultimate whenever available.

Plenty of people might suggest you to take either skill 3 first or skill 2, but that is wrong.

First of all, if you level skill 3, there will be no change in the Cooldown making it useless at first, of course the added passives for attack speed is great, but with no damage it will be no use in the early game.

Skill 2 is only useful for running, sure it is useful if you are ganked, or if you wanted to chase the enemies or even surprise them. However, the thing is you don’t have any damage in the early game. Your only damage dealing skill is the first skill which is why, i recommend you to max it first. If you are ganked too much. Then you could change it to your second skill for more running abilities, but if not then your first skill will be enough.

The thing about Jikikaeru, your abilities, skill, and attack. Will depends with your luck, even in the game. The Shikigami skill use tiles. If you get 2 same tiles then you can slow the enemies, but that won’t be useful. The 3 tiles is however is a game changer.

You can stun the enemies for 1s, which can change everything. Added with a good item. He can deal more than 1900 damage to any marksman. Considering a marksman in a full level and full item only have 4000+ health. He can either 2 hit or 3 hit any marksman, making him one heck of a marksman killer.

Go to the jungle, and try to get 3 of the same tile for Jikikaeru before going on a war. Because with it, you can open war, and kill the enemies. Only use your ultimate before you open up the war. it is okay to use it even if nothing happens, because the cooldown for my build is only 30 – 40s max.

Also if you want to start a war, or anything. Check out the map first, to see if it is a bait or not. After that use your second skill to surprise the enemies while using your ultimate, (Only go in with 3 tiles) Stun them and then hit them til they die.

Well, Jikikaeru is a fun shikigami to play with, he can trick the enemies, run, and then damage them even if you die. There you have it, a good tips and tricks for you to use Jikikaeru, for other heroes guide you can click:

“Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks : Guide for Most Heroes!”

Who else do you want to see. Please comment and share if you like it. Have a nice day!