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Nirvana Game of Life – Your Game, Your Life, Your Choice!!

Nirvana Game of Life – Your Game, Your Life, Your Choice!!

What if you got a second chance in life? and you can become other people. Learning more things but still got the knowledge of the previous one. Honestly though, that doesn’t sound bad at all. You can do a lot of stuff depending on yourself. Of course that doesn’t necessarily apply to real life, but in a game everything is possible.

A game, made by GoldTusk have the same concept as the premise above. It use the concept of Reincarnation, Memory saving, adding up with the ability to make choice in the game, helping you made a better choice in the game. The game is pretty addictive, and it is called Nirvana.

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Play as a soul traveling from body to body through the cycle of life, all while experiencing
everything life has to offer and trying to break the cycle in order to reach Nirvana.

The goal of the game is to reach nirvana. Which is breaking the cycle of death and rebirth. You will be playing as a soul without a body. Where you will meet your creator, or god in the game. The god, will let you repeat the cycle of birth and death repeatedly until your total life is 750 years, and HE will kill you by eating you.

You can do 2 things, either wait for death and live your 750 days, or you can find a way to be release from the cycle. There will be a soul that will give you some clue. BUT! can you trust him/her? Well, find out in the game of NIRVANA – Game of life. You can download it in the link below.!

Oh, and by the way, have i mention that you can live a life as either, superhero, assassin, mad scientist and plenty more depending on which quest have you finish in the game. You can also get married, make friends, survive a zombie apocalypse and many more. Your game, your choice!