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TFW App Review – Interesting Weather App with an Angsty Teen Attitude

There are a lots of weather app on the market over the course of year. Most of the times though the app is plain which is pretty boring. If you want an unique weather app that can give you a little bit of laughter. Then try TFW.


The world’s least accurate mobile weather experience.

If you’re like us, you hate how accurate and precise weather apps are.

That’s why we spent almost an entire month crafting the most vague weather app available today.

TFW is short for The Fack Weather. It is a weather report app that is delivered by an angsty teen. It is pretty comical and funny if you want an unique apps. The apps has a beautiful background gradient color and Typography. It also has a very clean design and smooth animation, and most importantly it is funny and has no ads at all.

However, that doesn’t mean that the app is perfect. This app will read your location each time you open it, which makes it a bother. There are no widgets that help you outside the apps, and well it is not that accurate, but still it is a fun addition to have.

If you are interested in trying the apps. Click on the links below to download it.

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App Rating : TFW (Free)
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