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Minesweeper Genius Game Review – Minesweeper Games with A Twist for Genius Minds (The Headache Maker)

Minesweeper Genius Game Review – Minesweeper Games with A Twist for Genius Minds (The Headache Maker)

Minesweeper is one of the must have game for any windows users. It is a build in game that can be found in any Windows PC. It is fun, challenging and most importantly educational as it lets us train our Logic skills.

However, as time goes on, the game is increasingly more boring. But there are a group of developer in a studio called mGaiaStudio that is trying to make a new minesweeper game. It will make it more fun and more challenging. The game is called Minesweeper Genius.

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Inspired by the classic computer game from our childhood, Minesweeper Genius is a brain teaser that will challenge your mind and logical thinking.

• Our procedural generator can create an unlimited number of random levels
• Absolutely no guessing or luck involved
• Mixes the mechanics of sudoku and minesweeper
• Play Games Achievements
• Cloud Saving

This game added the twist in Minesweeper game. Like Minesweeper, you will be given a rectangular board that is full with mines, an your job is to find the mines. In Minesweeper Genius, your goal is not to open up all of the floor. You will be playing as a little character called Aristoteles, and your goal is to get him out to safety.

You will be moving him up, down, left and right. Each row and columns will have a number on it, hinting the number of box that have the mines in each row and columns. Your goal is to lead Aristoteles, to the warp pad across the room to get him out to safety while dodging the mines. Of course, easier said then done.

This game utilize your logic so much that it challenges your brains. Another thing that you will need to understand is that, finding the mines first is necessary for your goal to the warp pad, because at some point of the level in the game. There will be a row changer, a block jumper, and column changer that will add more headache to the game play.

Of course, by no means that the game is not fun to play but in fact it is very addictive…. I recommend you to buy and play it.

App Rating

Minesweeper Genius (2$)
mGaia Studio