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Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – Vampira, The Blood Sucking Bat Master

Based on the review of Onmyoji Arena. Today, we are going to give you a review about a character on the game called Vampira.

Vampira is a tank type shikigami. She is one of the most used tank type shikigami that excel in tanking and killing the enemies. His main damage comes from this item, Vaisravana Drum. She also has a high mobility, able ing her to deal damage to the back liner because of her ultimate, killing their main damage dealer like Marksman and Mage, while at the same time cutting half of the enemies damage to your samurai, mage and marksman. She is very OP and can be a pain to deal with.

Her skill sets are:

Game Preparation


1. Vaisravana Drum (Main Item)
This is your main damage dealing item. It is because of the items passives.
The passives lets you deal damage each time you level up. Combine with her 3rd skill.
She will be able to deal tons of damage to the enemies. Especially to marksman that have a low health.
Added HP and Armor is also useful for more durability.
2. Takemikazuchi Boots  (Main Roaming Items)
Vampira is a tank, which means that all of the damage and crowd control will usually be targeted to her.
Which is why, control reduction is very useful for you. Added magic resist is also useful for mage.
3. Hoko Do (Main Item)
You see, Vampira skill is centered around herself.
Which means that she is able to only deal damage to the enemies around herself.
Hoko Do, will decrease the target movement speed around her if she is hit.
Added that she is a tank, and will be hit more than available. She will be able to perfectly use this item.
4. Sanzu River Lantern (Main Damage item)
I recommend you to use this item to deal more damage for the back liner.
I usually use this item in the middle game, and then sell it in the late game because it is not as useful.
This item is use in the middle game to deal more damage for the enemies marksman and mage.
Its passives can reduce the enemies magic resist making Vampira deal more damage.
Sell it in the late game for Lavish Red Robe or Ninth Heaven Wing if your enemies has more Mage.
Or, Soul grabber or Yata no kagami.
5. Chiyo Swords (Main Lifesteal item)
Ever heard that attack is the best defense? Well, with chiyo swords it is.
Vampira deal damage over time near the enemies. Most of her damage is Magic damage.
It means that spell vamps will replenish her Health more than anything.
Which is why Chiyo Swords will be very useful for her.
6. Lucky Parasol (Main Lifesteal item)
Lucky parasol is one of the item that can add both Magic resist and armor.
However, if you deemed that it is useless. You could always buy demon masks.
Of course, the added armor and magic resist won’t be equivalent, but it can help you in a really dangerous situation.


So, here is the Onmyodo for Vampira. I choose, magic penetration because most of her skill use magic damage, while cooldown reduction to spam more skill. Another reason is because she don’t use any mana to spend her skill, and most importantly movement speed because of her 3rd skill and Vaisravana Drum that needs to be near the enemies to damage them.

Mortality to deal more damage in the early game it synergy with purgatory. Foxblaze for increase HP up to 400, but it can be change to Umbrella Shield for more defense and durability. Summon Purgatory is your main damage dealing skill in the early game. It can deal tons of damage for any thing in the top lane especially tanks and samurai.

Skill Combination

Vampira is a tank type shikigami, i recommend you to take:
Skill 2 first, Skill 3 next, and Skill 1 Passives. Max out skill 1 first, and distribute skill 1 or 3 depending on your situation. Take ultimate whenever available.

Vampira excel in poking your enemies in the early game. Mostly because she is alone all of the time in the top lane. Which is why, max out your second skill regen first, added with her onmyodo passives Purgatory. She will be able to deal tons of damage in the early game to even a tank in the early game.

In early game, your goal is to defend your tower, while poking your enemies by using your skill, at least until you got Vaisravana Drum which is her main damage dealing item.

If you had buy Vaisravana Drum, or if your team mates needs help in the middle lane. You can go and help them. Use flash and 3rd skill if you really need it and help your team mates while roaming around, but remember to keep defending your top lane tower, or if you can take shift spell to easily roam around.

In the middle where your opponents have all team up together to push your tower. Run around and use your ultimate to the back of your enemies Marksman and Mage and then deal damage to them. Cut of their damage to half and let your allies deal with their tanks, samurai, and ninja.

It is also beneficial for you if you can get your team marksman to follow you to the back of the line to deal more damage to the enemies team. Usually if your enemies can take some damage, you will win, but if you can’t? then help them.

In the late game however, you can’t use the same method, because usually the enemies marksman will have more damage that you can’t tank. Which is why, your only goal is to poke them until you are really sure that you can win the game. If the enemies is trying to push, then gather up your team mates then kill them. Try to target their crowd control or damage dealer. Don’t ever target their tank, because it is useless.

She is a monster in the early game and can help the match. Tank is one of the most important role that can help the team. It is more useful than ninja. So, be sure to pick tank.

Anyway, there you have it, a tips for using Vampira. Got any other shikigami that you want us to make a guide for? Well, comment below, for other heroes guide you can click:

“Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks : Guide for Most Heroes!”

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