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World Creator 2048 – The Unique Multiplayer 2048 Games

World Creator 2048 – The Unique Multiplayer 2048 Games

There have been plenty of 2048 games spin off since the first release of the game. We even made the list of some of the best 2048 that you can download in the play store. Of course since then, we didn’t have any intention to review the 2048 games anymore, but this game that we are going to review is so good, that we wanted to let the world know about it. The game is called World Creator 2048.

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• • Single Player
With a flick and stroke of your fingertips merge the same blocks in 2048 style and construct a cross-age metropolis! From historical site to bustling downtown, from suburbs houses to skyscrapers, the rise of civilization in just a snap of fingers!

• Includes Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Bolshoi Theatre, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, British Museum, Big Ben and dozens of unique and aesthetical architectures, waiting for you to discover and evolve! Amazing buildings will be presenting to you in each evolution.

• • Real time Multiplayer
4-Player real time competition! Choose various historical personages as your hero, build your city in 2048 style, meanwhile cast unique skills to attack or disturb opponents, crash their cities and become the champion.

There are 2 modes that worth to mention in this game. The first one is the single player, which like any other 2048 game. You will need to combine 2 of the same type of building to make even grander building. Of course, it is easier said than done. The game also have themes, like American, European, and plenty other that can be build in the game. Everything is free, but you can unlock it faster by spending the real time money.

Another thing that is worth to mention is the 4 vs 4 real time multiplayer. It is more like tetris. Each time you complete a building according to your skill sets (you will be able to pick a character, each character will have their own skill that they can use to win the game).

You will be able to disrupt the opponents game play for example, giving stone to their board, disrupting their vision, confusing them by mixing their control, and plenty other.

Are you interested? then please click on the link below to download. Thanks and have a nice day!

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