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Bacterial Take Over Game Review – Infect The Universe and Bring their Resource!

Bacterial Take Over Game Review – Infect The Universe and Bring their Resource!

For some people, idle clicker games is one way to play a game. It  is because the player doesn’t need to pay too much attention to the game, and it can run by itself.

You just need to maintain some adjustment by managing the game itself. Of course, it might sound boring for some people, but it is the perfect game for someone that is working.

There are tons of idle clicker games, and today we are going to review one of them which is called Bacterial Take Over.

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Welcome, Doctor! We’ve been waiting for you. Everything is prepared for you to take over and start cultivating bacteria to initiate BACTERIAL TAKEOVER!

We will start by taking over the smallest planets and move on to more difficult ones with a larger population and stronger infection resistance. We will need billions, trillions, quadrillion and even more bacteria to attack these planets. Which means your expertise in expanding and upgrading our bacterial colonies will be irreplaceable!

Build colonies, buy upgrades and generate bacteria on your own till you have enough to destroy planets and discover new powerful mutations! Remember that Plague is caused by the bacteria and it is our strength.

Bacterial Takeover is a mobile clicker and also idle game which allows you to become an evil genius that is set out to use biological weapons to destroy the whole Universe.

As you read in the description, the game is about making a tons of bacteria to take over a planet. The planet that is being taken over will be taken over by the swarm of bacteria in exchange you will get a tons of mineral and resource that you can use to further enhance your bacterial production.

The game is an idle clicking game, however unlike others that focus more on clicking, this game (Bacterial Takeover) focus more on idling. Taking your time to make more bacteria.

The game is free to play but of course with some ads that will annoy you now and then, but you can buy the “no ads” feature in the micro transaction menu or simply turn off your internet connection. It is because the game can be played offline.

If you are interested in downloading or playing the game. Click on the link below to download it!

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Bacterial Takeover (Free)
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