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Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to Play as Karasu Tengu, The Knockup Master

Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to Play as Karasu Tengu, The Knockup Master

Based on the review of Onmyoji Arena, today, we are going to give you a review about a character on the game called Karasu Tengu.

Karasu Tengu is a samurai / tank type shikigami. In short, he is a semi tank that can also kill the opponents. He is the enemies of every marksman, and fighter or anything that mainly use basic attack to deal damage because of his passives ability that enable him to decrease the incoming basic attack. Honestly, he is an under rated heroes, but if he is played right. He can be devastating. He is best suit for beginner to play.

His skill sets are:

Game Preparation


1. Vaisravana Drum (Main Item)
Main damage dealing item, you can use this to deal more damage to your enemies in the early game
Marksman and mage will die most of the time if you use this item added with knockback and your slow.
It is because of its passives that enables you to deal damage to the nearby surrounding each seconds.
2. Hagakure Boots  (Main Roaming Item)
Armor and movement speed will give karasu tengu more roaming ability while giving him more defense.
3. Soul Grabber  (Main item)
The reason to why you buy this item is the cool down reduction, plus the added each time you use a skill
The enemies will be slowed. Adding your ultimate, your enemy shikigami will be peck to death.
Plus the added cd reduction will enable you to knock back more enemies.
4/5. Sessho seki do (Main armor)
Main armor for you. Karasu tengu is a tank,
you might want to be able to take some damage so use the sessho seki do +150 armor
plus the passive and the damage reflection
4/5. Ninth Wing Heaven (Main Magic Resist item)
Depending on the enemies, you might want to buy this item first.
This item lets you tank more mage type damage, enabling you to survive more fights.
But if the enemies mage is a trashy mage, then skip this and buy sessho seki do.
6. Lavish Red Robe (Magic Resist item)
This magic resist item enable you to not only protect yourself but your friends.
You are a tank, but sometimes your enemies might target your friends. Which is why, this item will help
them tank more damage, because of its passive.


For onmyodo, the original tank onmyodo is sufficient, here is why, attack damage can be use to deal more damage in the early game. Armor and magic resist for more durability. Magic resist is also nice to block some mage skills, because Karasu Tengu is more of a basic attack defender, he will need as much magic resist as he can get early on.

Umbrella shield is to give you added armor and magic resist. Mortality to deal more damage in the early game. And lastly divination is your main damage dealing skill in the early game.

Skill Combination:

Karasu Tengu is a samurai/tank type shikigami, for his skill I recommend you to take:
Skill 2 (Birdie) 1st, Skill 3 (Go up) 2nd, and Skill 1 (Passive) last. Maximize your skill 1 passives first and then distribute the other next equally. Take ultimate whenever available.

You see, rather than being a tank, he excel in annoying the heck out of your enemies. Especially, if your enemy is a marksman, or a fighter that mainly use basic attack as their main damage (Ex, Kanko, and Hakuro). He is also annoying because of his slow, and knock back stun effect, enabling him to kill any marksman in the early game depending on how you play him.

Use the bush to your advantages to deliver some damage and knocking them up. After that, go in the bush again and again and repeat the process. Your enemies will then go into the bush. It is beneficial for your team mates to support you to get those first kill in the early game.

His combo is mainly base on poking the enemy in the early game, slowing them down and then go inside by knocking them up. Hit them once to deal damage once and activating his onmyodo skill Divination (The skill enables him to deal more damage +5% of your max HP to the enemy.

Enabling him to deal more damage even in the early game) and then run away. Poking them again and again. Although you need to watch out for the enemies jungler.

Mage is your worst enemies, if you are playing as Karasu Tengu. Especially Otengu, it is because in the early game, most of his item is for armor. Enabling him to take some physical damage, but not so much for magic resist. Of course, he will be able to take some damage in the late game, but still, target their mage or marksman or even their main damage dealer.

In the late game, you can’t go to the front like you always do. Use the bush to your advantages and kill the enemies by ambushing them. Command your team mates to gather around, or if they aren’t listening, follow them around to help them. Remember to always be with your main damage dealer. Use your knock back to help them either chasing or helping them escape.

In a team fight your job is to disrupt the main damage dealer, especially with your knock back. Use flash or just jump to the back by using your knock back skill. Disrupt them and make them scatter, while your damage dealer kill the enemies tank, or if you can, cooperate with your allies to ambush the back lanes and target their main damage dealer.

About his ultimate, there is nothing much to say, beside use them when you are dealing damage to the tower. It will destroy it in a matter of seconds. So there you have it, another guide about Karasu Tengu. Do you have any other shikigami that you want us to make a guide for? Comment down below for other heroes guide you can click:

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