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Beta Games | Full Metal Jackpot Game Review – Kill or to be Killed!

Full Metal Jackpot Game Review – Kill or to be Killed!

As always, we have reviewed some of the beta games that is available to download on Google Play Store. Beta games is a game that is not being released yet but can still be played.

Of course, there might be an error while playing the game, but it is not like the game is unplayable. One of the most recent beta games that is worth to be review is Full Metal Jackpot.

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Compete against players from all over the world in an endless game of split-second decisions! Grab stacks of cash to buy powerful upgrades and create your perfect build. Advance to ‘Max Level’ in a frenzied test of shooting skill, character-advancement and strategy.

Knock out other players to collect priceless Gold coins. Plan your escape and steal the ever-increasing Jackpot (before you get knocked-out)! Climb the seasonal leader-boards for most escapes, most coins stolen in a single escape, and longest kill-streak in a match to earn unique titles and badges. Collect crazy, kooky, and kick-ass vanity items to mix-and-match! Unlock dances, emotes, tags and trails to celebrate your most spectacular plays.

Full metal jackpot is a battle royale type of game in which you will be fighting with 20 or more people in an arena. Your goal is to get the most money and get out of the place with the money. In which you can use to further upgrade your avatar or the character in the game.

Each time you get a set amount of money, you will gain a level up. Each level up will have a power up that you can choose from like Blast shot, Fire shot, slow shot, multi shot, ricochet, Speed, Health, armor, and plenty other more. It will make you kill others easily.

Of course, the game is still in early access / beta. Which is why there are some glitches and error like the server, and others. And so, please report it to the developer if you find some bugs.

Anyway, thank you for reading. If you are interested in downloading the game, click on the link below!

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Full Metal Jackpot (Unreleased) (Free)
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