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3 Easy Pokemon Quest Tips and Tricks – Move Learning? Training? Recipe?

Pokemon Quest Tips and Tricks – Move Learning? Training? Recipe?


Since the release of Pokemon Quest, there have been tons of player and users on the game. The game is free to boot and very addictive to play. We think that it might be good for you guys to get some tips to play the game. Especially if you are a beginner at this game. So, today in roonby, we will give you some tips and tricks to play Pokemon Quest.

1. Move Learning

As you goes on the exploration, your usual move sets might hinder your skill combo, for example. A vulpix that is using a roar, and a pidgey with a gust. Of course, you can time it if you play it manually, but if you are playing it auto? then say goodbye to that exploration and your energy.

Another example is if your Pokemon got a buff moves, like belly drums (Pokemon moves that enable you to buff every stats in exchange for your health), believe me. It is not pretty.

Usually though you will just change your Pokemon, but what if you don’t want to change it, because we love it. Then simply change their move sets with the move learning feature. In the move learning, you will be able to change one of your skill in exchange for your Pokemons, but there are a rate of success depending on which Pokemon that you sacrifice. The rate of success will go up depending on:

  • Success rate will went up considerably if your Pokemon is the same type for example Water with Water, Fire with Fire (Never sacrifice the type that is weak to the other type).
  • 100% If your pokemon is the same, or the previous evolution, for example if you got a pidgey with a pidgey, or pidgeotto with a pidgey

2. Training

Training your Pokemon is a nice way to level your Pokemon. Of course, like move learning, you will also be sacrificing your Pokemon but in exchange you will get some exp to level. There are some thing that affects your training such as :

  • Exp will went up depending on your Pokemon’s sacrifice level.
  • Exp will also went up depending on your Pokemon’s type. If it is the same, it will go up considerably.
  • You will get enormous amount of exp if you have the same Pokemon.

3. Recipe

Recipe is a one way to get a Pokemon. Of course, since there are 10 ingredients that you can use, there are plenty of recipe that you can make. Approximately 18 recipe can be made now. Each recipe will attract a different type of pokemon, from water to bug type everything has their own preference. For some of the recipe that we have found.

Name Ingredients Pokemon
Mulligan Stew à la Cube 5x Any Ingredient Favorite food of some Pokémon on Tumblecube Island
Red Stew à la Cube 4x Red Ingredients Favorite food of reddish Pokémon
Blue Soda à la Cube 4x Blue Ingredients Favorite food of bluish Pokémon
Yellow Curry à la Cube 4x Yellow Ingredients Favorite food of yellowish Pokémon
Gray Porridge à la Cube 4x Grey Ingredients Favorite food of greyish Pokémon
Mouth Watering Dip à la Cube 4x Soft and 3x Blue Ingredients Favorite food of Water-type Pokémon
Plain Crepe à la Cube 3x Sweet and 2x Gray Ingredients Favorite food of Normal-type Pokémon
Sludge Soup à la Cube 4x Mushroom and 3x Soft Ingredients Favorite food of Poison-type Pokémon
Mud Pie à la Cube 2x Mineral and 4x Soft Ingredients Favorite food of Ground-type Pokémon
Veggie Smoothie à la Cube 4x Plant and 2x Soft Ingredients Favorite food of Grass-typePokémon
Honey Nectar à la Cube 4x Sweet and 3x Yellow Ingredients Favorite food of Bug-typePokémon
Brain Food à la Cube 3x Sweet and 2x Hard Ingredients Favorite food of Psychic-type Pokémon
Stone Soup à la Cube 4x Hard and 2x Mineral Ingredients Favorite food of Rock-typePokémon
Light-as-Air Casserole à la Cube 3x Mineral and 2x Plant Ingredients Favorite food of Flying-type Pokémon
Hot Pot à la Cube 3x Mushroom and 2x Red Ingredients Favorite food of Fire-typePokémon
Watt a Risotto à la Cube 4x Soft and 3x Yellow Ingredients Favorite food of Electric-type Pokémon
Get Swole Syrup à la Cube 3x Sweet and 2x Mushroom Ingredients Favorite food of Fighting-type Pokémon
Ambrosia of Legends à la Cube 4-5x Mystical Ingredients Favorite food of Extremely Rare Pokémon

For more information about the recipe you can click on the link: IGN.

There you go, some of the guide for Pokemon Quest, do you have any other question? Comment below to ask! Thanks and have a nice day!