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All About IGTV and its Feature

Not long ago, Instagram has release a new feature called IGTV. It is a feature that lets you see and enjoy a video in a vertical format. Now, if you are unfamiliar with the terms of IGTV, we will give you some information about this new feature. Let’s check it out together!

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IGTV is a new feature for Instagram that enable you to see a video in a vertical format. The Video can automatically be seen on the Instagram if you click on the icon besides your DM. Instagram users can enjoys and be the creator in the IGTV.

IGTV offers a standard and simple design interface, which is a video with a full vertical format. The users can search through each category from:

  • You, for your update
  • Following, for people that you follow
  • Continue watching is for the video that you had watch but haven’t finished.
  • Popular, for video that is on the top trending

Of course, the video contain the information about the creator, the title, and even the description. Users can comments, likes, or even direct message the creator. You can also search for the creator that you like, like king bach, lele pons, amanda cherny easily on the apps.

To upload, you will only need tap the setting like button on the right side of the apps. Create your own channel and upload your video. It is really easy.

Another thing that you need to watch out for is the rules of IGTV which are:

  • The duration of the video starts from 15 – 10 minutes. Of course, depending on your account, you can upload up to 60 minutes but you will still needs to use a computer to upload it.
  • The Video format will need to be .MP4.
  • The Ratio of the video will need to be 4 : 5 to 9 : 16.
  • The size of the video will be 650 max for unverified channel and 5,4 GB for verified channel.
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So there you have it, some of the insight about IGTV, got any thing to ask? Comment down below.

Thank you for reading, enjoy!

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