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Death Coming Review – A Really Cute Pixelated Killing Puzzle Game!

Death Coming Review – A Really Cute Pixelated Killing Puzzle Game!

A good graphic doesn’t mean a good game. Like always, a good game is a game that makes you hook, interested, and most importantly fun! All developers has been making more games each days, giving you a much more diverse game over the year. Like so, there are so many good games that you can play, and one of them is Death Coming.

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The first level of the game is a free trial. However, other levels need to be paid. It is difficult for us to operate a new game and we hope to gain your support. In the introduction part of Google Play, it has mentioned that the game would be charged. Thank you for your support.

‘Death Coming’ is a non-linear puzzle game where you take on the role of the Reaper. Your objective? Cause deaths and harvest souls while abiding by the Free Will Clause.

Death coming is a puzzle killing game. You will be playing as a Grim Reaper junior. Your goal is to be revived again by simply helping your senior jobs to kill more people, and harvest more soul. You will need to move some item, drop the item, or even click some thing and depending on the timing you will trigger the killing event.

It is funny each time to see how you can kill the people. Of course, it is not a game without a challenge. After some kill, there will be angels from heaven watching the site. If you by chance tap the area that is watched by the angel, you will lose some health point. After 3 time, you must retreat and re do the level.

This game is really entertaining, it is funny, and most importantly charming in its own sense!

If you are interested in trying, the first game is free to play, but you need to unlock it to play the full version by paying some money to the developer.

Click the link below to download the game.

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