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Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – Kusa, The Dandelion Healer!

Based on the review of Onmyoji Arena. Today, we are going to give you a review about a character on the game called Kusa.

Kusa is a support type shikigami that is the only healer in the game, currently. Which makes her win in support terms. It is because a shield will lose its worth over time, but your health will always that way. Now the worst part is that you need to time yourself if you want to use Kusa.

Her heal will only heal if the targeted allies is hit. Which makes her really hard to use. There have been a time where a Kusa user can’t even heal anyone, which makes this shikigami not suited for a beginner.

Game Preparation


1. Mandala Sutra (Main Item)
For most of the part, mandala sutra is your main item. Why? Because with it, you will be able to cast more spells.
More MP which means that you won’t need to go back again and again because of its passives.
The most importantly because it also gives you added ability power, meaning more heal, it is your early game item.
Get it as soon as you can.
2. Boots of Purity  (CD Items)
This is the boots for Kusa, with this boots, you will be able to run away with your spell much more faster.
Because this boots reduce your CD for both spells and skills.
3. Astrolobe (Shielding Item)
Kusa already has a heal, but that doesn’t mean a shield doesn’t go well with it. In fact it synergy with her skill 1.
If you use skill one, then shield yourself and your allies, and get hurt. You will gain health without losing your HP at all.
This is definitely a good item for Kusa.
4. Hoko Do (Main Defense item)
Reason to get this item is mainly for durability. Kusa will probably be targeted, so the last 3 item should be Defense item.
5. Ninth Heaven Wing (Magic Resist item)
Reason to get this item is mainly for durability. Kusa will probably be targeted, so the last 3 item should be Defense item.
6. Sessho Seki Do (Last Durability item)
Reason to get this item is mainly for durability. Kusa will probably be targeted, so the last 3 item should be Defense item.  .
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For Onmyodo, i recommend you to use this, Movement speed so that she can go in and out a battle. She needs to be mobile if you want to be a good Kusa, Magic Penetration to damage her enemies in the early game. Cooldown Reduction so she don’t need to buy a cooldown item and can focus on defense or maximizing her spell attacks.

Mortality that can be use to harass the enemies in the early game. Fox Blaze for durability in the late game, and lastly Purgatory to further harass your enemies in the early game. Purgatory is a nice skill for those that don’t have damage especially for mage type support.

Skill Combination

Kusa is a support healer so i recommend you to take:
Skill 1 (Heal), Skill 2 (I take your health), Skill 3 (Stop!). Max your first skill heal first, and then your second skill next, after that your skill 3 and take ultimate whenever available.

Kusa is a support shikigami that needs timing to play. She is a really good shikigami that if she is paired with a samurai, and tanker, both will be unstoppable. Kusa got everything that you need in a support, a heal, durability (second skill), and a skill to immobile the opponents. She is definitely an awesome shikigami that can change the game, but the downside is that she is really hard to play.

Kusa first ability heal will give the targeted allies or herself a dandelion that will heal her target allies or herself if they or she is being hit. So, even if you by chance heal your allies, but he / she is not being hit by the enemies, they will not be healed.

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Now, you might wonder, if it is like that, how can you replenish your health then? Well, you see, after being healed, the dandelion will split and give the same effect to the nearby shikigami, and if they are hit, they will heal and split again. In total 2 times, making 1 skill usage able to heal 3 times in total.

Now, because of that, she will need to time herself to only use the ability if the allies is hit. Which is not that easy, why? First of all, if you randomly tap your first ability, it will automatically target the lowest health one. Which is fine most of the time, but what if you want to heal the front?

Basically what you need to do is rather than taping, slide the ability and choose the allies that you want to heal. Because they are the main damage dealer. Apart from all, you will also get the heal if they are being hit, so it is a win win solution for both of you.

The second and third skill is self explanatory so there is no need to explain them anymore. For the ultimate, you need to understand that the ultimate is global. And you can use them to either: Get a support, or Help the allies.

So check out the map all the time! Oh and also because Kusa will mostly use her skill, she will needs tons of MP, so buy MP regen talisman and then go for mandala sutra first.

For most of the part in your early game, you won’t be that useful, so just do your lane and then try to harass your enemies whenever you can. Use your ultimate to save your allies and try to always time your first skill heal. It will serve as your training for the late game.

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Know when will your allies go in and go out. Because each person will have a different attack pattern. Also never save your ultimate if you or your allies are hurts use that immediately. Oh, another thing, your passive will also work for you, when you use your second skill. (Passive = Added heal if you are hurt below 50% of your health) So, if you have lots of MP, you don’t need to go back. Just follow your tank or frontliner.

So there you have it, a good guide about Kusa. Got any other request? Comment down below!! For other heroes guide you can click “Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks: Guide for Most Heroes!”

If you had anymore question and if you want to let us know who else do you want us to make a guide for then i recommend you to comment in the link below. Thank you…

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