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4 Best Open World MMORPG for Android 2018!

Best Open World MMORPG 2018 for Android!

Open world game is a game where the player can run around the game universe, trying to do the quest, do some adventure, play with your friends and many more. Basically everything, as long as it is within the game capability. Of course, because of the vastness of the game, it is usually made for PC, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good open world game that you can play on Android.

In fact a game called Toram Online, which is an open world MMORPG got their 5th anniversary a while ago, and so if you are searching for the same open world MMORPG game for your android phone, then we are happy to give you the list.

1. Dead Rivals

Source: youtube


Explore a vast open world, customize your hero, build your arsenal and rule the PvP battlefields! Fight for survival and explore a vast post-apocalyptic open world in the first zombie Action RPG for mobile! Journey into the wastelands and discover the cause of the zombie outbreak as you band together or form rivalries with thousands of other MMO players!

Pick your class, customize your character, build your shelter, raid your rivals, craft an arsenal of weapons, develop your skills, and crush your opponents in highly competitive PvP battles! If you love shooting up zombies and are tired of tiny maps and repetitive game play, Dead Rivals will blow you away!

2. Star Ocean

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STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS is an epic action-RPG that puts you in the captain’s chair as you lead a team of heroes across the galaxy. Immerse yourself in a rich sci-fi fantasy universe and experience fast-paced combat rendered with gorgeous 3D graphics!

In Star Ocean you will take command of a squad of four heroes that you can choose from attackers, sharpshooters, invokers, and healers in real-time battles! Dodge enemies, time your attacks, and manage your abilities to decimate the enemy. You should also know that the game is multiplayer and you can play it with your friends online.

3. Honkai Impact

Source: youtube


You might already know about the game Honkai Impact because it has been advertise by the company for almost a year. But unlike most game that is being advertise, Honkai Impact truly live up to its name.

The game got a good game story, Insane graphic, and most importantly awesome game play. You can play with your friends to finish some mission and then gacha to get more character that you can use in the game. Of course, that means that the game will have a really big file, but really it is worth it!


4. Alchemia Story

Source: google play


Alchemia story is a turn based, fantasy MMORPG games that is created by Asobimo.Inc, which also created the online game Toram. The game has all the aspect of Toram online game. From the customize able character, maps design and plenty others, but what makes this game is so good is the changeable jobs, inside the game. You can change your jobs from warrior class one to mage class.