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Beta Games | Rogue Grinder Review + Tips and Tricks: A Really Hard Roguelike RPG!

Rogue Grinder Review + Tips and Tricks: A Really Hard Roguelike RPG

If you have been on the site for a while, you might know that we make some good review about beta games that is just released. The review is made so that people will know about the game and help the developer so that they will be able to grow. So this week, please check out the new Beta Games edition games called Rogue Grinder.

Source: Google Play


Crawl through dungeons and equip a Hero to battle monsters for epic loot in an all new style of Dungeon RPG. Tap to guide your hero through dungeons, unlock new heroes, defeat monsters and collect powerful weapons. See if your heroes can survive Rogue Grinders, an epic RPG/roguelike and retro RPG all in one.

This is an RPG roguelike game like you’ve never seen. You’ll have to battle monsters, use consumables and upgrade your weapons to go deeper into perilous dungeons. Tap to guide your hero to find hidden treasure in a pixel dungeon, making sure your hero has enough gear, health and items to protect them from a certain doom.

Squish giant rats, unlock powerful weapons, crawl through deep dungeons, play offline and battle monsters of every kind in this roguelike RPG!

Although the game is said to be Roguelike RPG, It is not exactly true. The game save your achievement making your run much more easier in each time. but of course you will need to gain the achievement first. The goal of the game is to finish each dungeon to the last, (As this game is only in their beta test mode there will be limited amount of dungeon that you can play). After finishing one dungeon, you will move to the next.

Well, as simple as its sound like, it is not. What makes it hard is the game play. Each time you move, the opponent will also move, they can either attack, or move. Now, the most annoying part is that, they move in an entirely random way. Making you unable to predict where they will be moving.

Now, for the tips that i will give you :

  • First of all, WEAPONS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Each weapon has their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, you can use dagger to damage the enemies around you, Spear to damage enemies in front, and plenty other. Now, the thing is for dagger, you can only enemies one block away, and for spear you can only damage 2 blocks from the fronts and 1 block from left and right, it can’t be used diagonally.
  • Before going into a battle, go left and right to see their attack patterns. Especially in a boss fight. You see, each boss will attack 2 – 3 times after 3 turns. So you will need to waste 6 turns in total first to know their attack pattern. Don’t worry about it. You won’t die from wasting your turns.
  • Rats. You know, the rats that wanted the cheese? Well, you can give the cheese to it. If you push it to a wall, then just push it again, it will change place with you. But remember that the cheese will get destroyed if attacked or if it is hit by a trap, so be careful. Usually the game will need you to sacrifice some of your health.
  • You will know if you are up to a boss fight next. If the floor is a shop.

Well, apart from that all. The game is pretty fun to play. If you are interested in playing. Click on the link below!

But remember that the game is still in beta test. So know that it will be a bit laggy and choppy, if you find a bug, please report it to the developer. Anyway, thank you for reading.