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Errant: Hunter’s Soul Game Review – Is this The New Monster Hunter Game?

Have any of you played the new release of Monster Hunter in Steam? I sure have! It is great, the graphic is phenomenal, the game play is still the same but it is awesome over all. Although i would love it more if it is a lot more cheaper.

Anyway, i was so interested in that type of game that i am trying to search for the same game for smartphone device. Not the PSP one, but the real android / iOS game that you can play on your phone. I found 2 of it, but sadly both are Chinese language, and one of it as the title have said is the Errant: Hunter’Soul.

Source: Youtube (IniGametm)


Ultimate image quality. Team hunt. MMORPG!
Brand new combat systems. Utilize your hunter power to constraint the beasts.

Switch between seven types of weapons as you wish. Form hunting teams with your friends. Head for the wilderness and Fight with giant beasts.

Become a hunter or be the prey!

If you love the monster hunter game series, then you will most definitely love this series. The basic is same, you go hunt for money and loots. Use the loots to upgrade your weapon, and go hunt again.

In this game, there are tons of jobs to choose from the Sword and Shield, Bow, Heavy Swords, Dual swords, Brawler, Mage, and Katana users. Depending on which you prefer, you will need to change your play style.

You can choose Bow, and Mage if you like to attack from a save distance. A Katana and Dual sword user if you like a risky but nimble type of play style, and Sword and shield if you love getting hurt  you love protecting others.

The game is a multiplayer game, but you can always choose to play solo if you want to. I especially like the way the game lets us customize our own character. Honestly, it is fun to choose your own unique costume and equipment that really suits your style. Although for the equipment, you will need to grind a lot.

The game is pretty fun to play, and i would recommend you to either play it now or wait for the global version. Though the game is still playable as long as you remember what is what. This game is available on both iOS and Android.

Note : If you can’t download it, download the apk on apk pure : Here!

App Rating : Errant: Hunter's Soul (Free)

Errant: Hunter'Soul Game ReviewMMORPG Game
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