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Orbital 1 Game Review – A Clash Royale Game with A Space Theme!

Clash royale is a really fun game that is made by the Supercell Company. The company that’s also made the Clash of Clans game and have been one of the most downloaded game over the past year, but nowadays it is forgotten, mainly because people are bored with the repetitive gameplay and stuff.

But that doesn’t mean that the same type of game isn’t being created. There has been plenty of developer that are trying to make a high quality game, and one of those is Etermax. That makes the Orbital 1 game.

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Let the action begin! Orbital 1 is a real-time strategy game with battles set in interplanetary arenas. In Orbital 1 you will Fight and destroy  your opponent’s fleet. The game is about Conquering the opponents with the action and strategy competition. That is designed entirely in 3D. You can also customize your captain with amazing skins and fight in these rotating battles with an innovative and exciting game mechanic. Fight for victory and become the best!

Now, the game orbital 1 is a great game. In simpler term, the game play is about a Clash royale game with a space theme. It got almost everything in clash royale, Cards as your units, 10 elixer system, 2 tower, Trophy system, and plenty others. Then only things that is different is the way the arena works.

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In the arena, there will be 2 guard and your Captain (Which is your king tower), and it is the same with the other person. Like clash royale, you will need to wait for your elixir or energy to be replenish and depending on your cards / your units you will need to wait more. Now the difference is that your guard and captain will go around walking in a circle, and as you have guessed. They will be orbiting around.

You might think, what is the difference then? They are just orbiting, away from each other. It doesn’t really do anything. Well, in a matter of fact, it did change everything. While they are orbiting, you will be able to deploy your units. The deployed unit will then go in to the guard tower and destroy everything in its way. The problem is that, if they tower are constantly moving, it will either be farther, or nearer. Which will change your game strategy.

The thing that is unbearable about the game is the ads. I mean, it is okay if the game let us watch the ads for -30 minutes chest unlock, but if every time you finished playing you need to watch an ads that can’t even be skip then it will affect how others see the game. But apart from all, the game is pretty good to play.

I really like the way they change the game play of Clash Royale without taking the fun aspect of it. Which is why i really recommend you guys to try the game.

App Rating : Orbital 1 (Free (In App Purchase and ADS))

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