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Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to Play as Puppeteer, The Puppet Master

Based on the review of Onmyoji Arena. Today, we are going to give you a review about a character on the game called Puppeteer.

Puppeteer is one of the most OP samurai that can use both melee and range attack. She has a huge range, that can be use to chase away a running prey. You didn’t know how many enemies shikigami that i have killed when they are trying to recall in their own tower while having a low health. Sadly though, because of her low health, and how she needs to be changing her style one after another (Melee and range) she can be pretty hard to play. Making her best not to be use by a beginner.

Game Preparation


1. Grass Cutting sword (Main Item)
You see, i choose this item as my main item because of its passive , and the CD Reduction.
Puppeteer hurts because of her skill but she can also do a massive damage with her basic attack.
Each time she use her skill or either change her form, she will be able to activate this item passive.
Enabling her to deal true damage to her opponents depending on her level.
2. Wind Walker  (Main Roaming Item)
Wind walker is needed for Puppeteer mainly for positioning herself and chasing / running away.
This item can also be changed with hagakure boots for added armor.
3. Mikadzuki (Good item)
I buy this item because it will give puppeteer more health point, while giving her more attack
and cooldown reduction. Enabling her to deal more damage while giving her more durability to withstand more damage.
Added with the cd reduction, this is definitely a good item for puppeteer.But, This item can be change for Kusarigama / Nature’s Glory for more skill damage.
4. Chidori Twin sword (Good Item item)
Chidori is a nice addition to puppeteer. Mainly for de-buffing her enemies.
Of course she can chase the enemies, but most of the time they can run away.
If you had that problem, simply use Chidori to slow them down.
This item will also give you more attack speed which is pretty nice for her.
5. Bonerotter (Main Life steal item)
As a samurai, she will definitely has her moment when she go in the front, or being targeted by the enemies.
Which is why, bone rotter will be your safeguard. Bone rotter is an all in one item, giving the user added
Lifesteal, added armor, and added damage. Definitely a useful item for Puppeteer.
6. Tsurumaru (Good item)
Now, Tsurumaru is also another good addition for puppeteer if your enemies buy any defensive item, or is simply a tank.

Of course, if your opponent isn’t a tanker, you can always change this item with either Kusarigama / Nature’s Glory for more skill damage.


For most of the time, this onmyodo will be sufficient for Puppeteer. Movement speed to run away and give puppeteer a roaming ability. Armor penetration is to give her more damage even in the late game. Crit Damage to give her more damage, but it can be change to attack power for early game damage. Shadow hunt is for ambushing enemies in the bushes or simply poking the enemies by using your ranged skill combination. Feather sigil is for late game to give her an added attack for each kill or assist, and because she is not really that useful in the late game.

Skill Combination

For her skill, i suggest you to:
Level up her second skill damage (Go puppet go! when range and Puppet Storm! when Melee), Her Third skill (Puppet cyclone! when range and Puppet dash! when melee) and then your Passive skill. Max out your passive first, and then your third skill next and second skill last (She has no ultimate). 

If you haven’t played as a puppeteer then you need to know that this shikigami has 2 mode, which is range and melee. Her range form will have a ranged style attack, while her melee form will have an added magic resist, defends, movement speed and will give her shield. In addition her skill will also change depending on which form you take. As a puppeteer, there are 2 ways to use her. The annoying one, or the born to die one.

So, first of all, the annoying one that mainly use her ranged skill.  Of course, you will need to understand that this build will need like a lot of Mana. So adding a Grass cutting sword will replenish your mana with each basic attack.

Her main goal is not to kill, rather it is to annoy the heck out of the enemies, poking them like a lot before finishing them with your allies by going to the front. Her combos is second skill damage (Go Puppet Go!) > Third Skill (Puppet Cyclone!). Do that over and over again, until your opponents health is almost half of the max health and then go in. Remember to take in account of your opponents team mates and tower distance.

The second one is born to die one. Which hurts, like a lot, but have a lot risk of dying. Puppeteer don’t have a lot of defense. Easily killing herself in a matter of minutes depending on your positioning.

Her combo is Long range first, Second skill damage (Go Puppet Go!) > Third skill (Puppet Storm!) > change her form > Third skill (Puppet dash!) > Second skill (Puppet Cyclone) > Change her form again > Third skill (Puppet Storm!) > Attack 3 times > then change her form again (Try to move around while changing to her ranged attack). Her main damaging abilities is the Third skill melee which deal damage according to the target max HP.

Now, because i am using grass cutting sword, each time she use her skill, she will deal true damage according to her level, enabling her to deal more damage simply by just changing her form and attacking the enemies. My ways of playing as a puppeteer is to change your form when you don’t have any skill to use.

I recommend you to start the war by using your range form as it will give the enemies more damage, after using everything, change your form and depending on the situation go in to the battle by using your third skill. Of course, it is easier said than done. Although if it is done right, she can kill most enemies in sight.

Unlike most samurai, she actually have a damaging abilities in the early game, making her one of the most troublesome early game monster. After getting your 5th level and then grass cutting sword, you can start off roaming around and killing everything.

In the late game however, i suggest you to just play it safe in the distance by poking everything with your ranged skill. If you are chased, change to your melee form and then run away. Safe up your flash to run.

So, there you have it. A good tips and tricks for you to use Puppeteer, For other heroes guide you can click

“Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks : Guide for Most Heroes!”

Who else do you want to see, please comment and share if you like it!

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