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Beta Games | The Last Stands Game Review – A Really Cool Battle Royale Game!

If you have been on the site for a while, you might know that we make some good review about beta games (it is a new game that just released). The review is made so that people will know about the game and help the developer so that they will be able to grow. So this week, please check out our new Beta Games edition review, a games called: The Last Stands!

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Welome to The Last Stand — battle area where up to 16 players clash into battle.
– Hide and make create ambush.
– Search houses for weapons of take it from fallen enemies.
– Search for crafting parts and create powerful weapon.
– Slay your enemies and do not leave save area.
And remember, only one will survive and win the battle.

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The Last Stand is a battle royale type of game, where you will be on a map with 15 different people that is trying to kill you. You might think “Only 15? Pfft, PUBG or Fortnite has 99 other people” True, but there is also a saying that more isn’t always better. It sucks to have been killed 30s into the game because some random strangers found a gun first and then shoot you to death.

Source: Google Play

In The last Stand, you will be able to run around and trying to find your gears before hunting down your enemies. The game play is also simpler than PUBG, ROS, or Fortnite. It use a 2D system making aiming and running a lot more easier…. but that doesn’t mean that the game is less fun.

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In the game, you can ambush the enemies by hiding in a bush, craft and make a lot more powerful weapon with the item that you have find in the game. You can set 4 crafting recipe depending on your preferred weapons.

Now, the crafting recipe needs to be found first in the chest before you can set it up. So the more you play the game, the more powerful you are.

The problem that i found in this game is only about the unfair match up. Because this game has a really new, and only 50 thousand people that are downloading and playing the game. You can’t pick who you will be up against. Which means that a lvl 1 player can be match against a lvl 8 player and so on. Which makes it really hard to like and play the game, and because of that.

I invited you guys to try and play the game. This game is so fun to play, and i want to win so bad and crush you guys. So, i challenge you guys to play and download the game.

Note: this game is still on development so there might be some error. Be sure to report if you find a bug. Thank you!

App Rating : The Last Stand: Battle Royale (Unreleased) (Free)
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