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The Last Stand Tips and Tricks – How to Go Unnoticed and More!!

The Last Stand Tips and Tricks – How to Go Unnoticed and More!!

Now, since the review of Beta Games called The Last Stand has been popular “Beta Gamers: The last stand tips and tricks“, we have made some tips and tricks that you guys can use to win more in the game.

Of course, i lost a lot because i was searching for the tips, but oh well. Anyway here is some of the tips and tricks that you can use. Check it out!

1. To Go Unnoticed!

If you have played the game then you might know that if there are a person that is with you in below 30 meters, you will be given a warning about where the person is. Now, if you want to ambush them, you need to go unnoticed, but sadly you will also be given the same warning to the enemies. And so? How can we go unnoticed, Well there are 2 ways.
Note: since the updates you can’t use your aim to go unnoticed anymore.

  • Now, the first trick is to use your grenades while walking. This is the easy one to do because you will be walking unnoticed and you can throw your grenades on the spot.
  • The second trick is a bit more hard. Use your joystick, but don’t go all the way. If you slide it too hard. You will be running, but if you slide it just a bit to the direction you will be going. You will go unnoticed!

2. Survive The Battle with Hiding!

There are ways to win the game. One is to go around killing everything and everyone and second is to wait until you are the last one and take the kill. Now if you are brave and courageous you will choose the first one. But if you are smart, then you will choose the second one.

If you are like me, wanting to take an easy win then use the bush to your advantages. Go unnoticed by walking (Not running) and hide from one bushes to the other. If you see a war breaking out. See and take note where, after that see the remaining enemies. If there are only 2, that means that there is only you and the other guy. Go in and then kill them!

3. The Unfair Match Up Solution!

Now, the game is new. So it is perfectly reasonable as to why the game match is so unfair and you are paired with a higher level player, but because higher level player have a pretty good recipe and can kill you easily. So you can’t win most of the times! and because of that you need to play smarter. Such as:

  • Go to the corner of the map like Camp Site, Ruins and so on. In there, you won’t really need to engage with others as there aren’t that many player that like to go there since there isn’t anything there, but for you. You will most definitely want to go to avoid some confrontation.
  • Wait until you know where you need to go and then hide on the bush. Go around and stay in the bush if you find some one. Never confronts anybody in the early game, while doing so, try to loot an armor, grenades and some weapon that you can use. Sniper is recommend because they can mostly use for scouting and ranged killing. Oh also take string and bolts if you find some.
  • Now, if you find someone that near yourself and is going on a confrontation then wait a minute until there has been a notice that one of them is killed. After that, wait for a minute again and try to see if it is safe and then loot the dead. Usually people will take all the items like health and shield but will leave the weapons. So take the weapon that you think that is usable.
  • Use the weapon that you find useful and then kill the remaining one.

Note: don’t spare your med kit. Item is there to be use, if you are dead, then you are dead. In a simpler term it is, hide until the last one, loot the dead, and use the dead’s item to kill the remaining one.

4. Crafting

This is probably known by now, but you can craft your items and make OP, they usually will have a higher damage, range, Attack, and so on. But, you will need to know that In crafting you will need 3 items, The Weapon Frame (Sniper, SMG, Assault, Pistol and so on), Some Bolts, and Some string.

Now, if you sometimes see that you can’t craft an item even if you have the needed item, then you must have move. You will need to stay still to craft the item.


So there you have it. Do you have any tips that you want to share?

Well, if you do, please comment on the link below. Thank you for reading have a nice day!