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Night of The Full Moons Tips and Tricks – 4 Easy Guide for Beginner to Understand The Game!

Night of the Full Moon is a Offline card game, about the story Little Red Riding Hood. In the game, you will be searching for your grandmother in the woods, trying to find what happens to her. While searching, you will heard a rumors about a wolf wandering around the woods, and so on.

For those that doesn’t know the game i suggest you to check out the review, because This is the guide for the game Night of The Full Moon for full review of the game you can click the link “Night of The Full Moon game review“. Now, for the game guide, here are some of the tips and tricks that we can give you:

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1. Know Your Jobs

If you have played the game, there are 4 jobs that you can choose from excluding the DLC which is the witch. Now, each jobs has their own advantages and disadvantages and depending on it. You can choose to exploit that advantages to win the game.

  • Lady Knight: Beginner choice, it is mainly because of how versatile the lady knight is. She got a good HP, a Card Upgrade ability every 5 battle, and most of her cards is a no cost attack card. For her disadvantages: if she doesn’t get a good card set in your deck to do her combo, she won’t do much. In the early game she lacks a lot but if you got some good cards like Support (each time you use an attack card, this card will appear and give you the ability to draw another card. It making your card reroll much faster enabling you to do massive combos), Combo (Enable you to copy the previous attack card) you will be able to easily win the game.
  • Ranger: Intermediate choice, mainly because how hard the job is. The job do damage with action cards. Giving the enemies combos and de-buff like poisons, weakness, frailty, and so on. This job will do an almost unending combos if it is done right. For her disadvantages: she won’t do good in the early game, because of her limited cards and limited amount of action that can be done in the game. Of course that doesn’t mean that she will do good in the late game. To really make use of her potential, she will need to have a good action card a good amount of action to make use of her combo. Zeal (draw 1 card + 1 action) and Agility (draw 1 card + 3 action) are some of the cards that she will needs to have.
  • Nun: Advance choice. Use this jobs if you really know what you are doing. This job is really hard to kill in the early game, which makes her a perfect early gamer mainly because of her high heal, and ability to stall the enemies to do some damage. This job will have a perfect health each time you go in and out of the battle because of her heal. For her disadvantages: She didn’t have a good attack card. Most of her attack card are from her prayers cards that can only deal damage after some turns, and because of that she will need a good stall cards to further increase her chance in surviving. Now, although she excel in early game, she is trash in the late game, because most of the opponents in the late game has a higher burst damage, easily killing her in 1 turn. Any prayer reduction cards is recommend for her and any armor card.
  • Little Witch: Advance choice, a really great damage dealer in the early game. Have the most damage in the game and can burst damage any enemy in one turn. This job can also gives some de buffs to the enemies.For her disadvantages: Little witch needs mana. When i said mana, it mean lots of and lots of mana. Most of her cards will be rendered useless if she doesn’t have enough mana. She has a really low health meaning that if she cannot one hit the enemies, she will get be easily killed in one turn. Any mana and high damage mana card is useful for her, and any draw card is also useful for her.
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2. More isn’t always better

You see, this game use a re draw card system, meaning that each time you use your card. The card will go to the back of the deck taking its time to get back to your hands. And because of that more isn’t always better. If you find a chest that you don’t want. Just click the x one and you can delete that.

3. Intersection

Intersection is really useful if you want to resets your current cards. If you find some opponents that you can’t fight with your health, then you can always resets them by using an intersection. Note that you will always find them later on.

4. Courage and Reputation

This is important. Both courage and reputation will determine the boss that you will fight in the late game. If you have more courage then reputation then you will fight the werewolf. If backwards you will fight the witch, there are also some thing like mystery man and so on.

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