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Night of The Full Moon Tips and Tricks – OP Cards that You Need to Have/Buy Every Game!

If you don’t know the Night of The Full Moon game, i suggest you to check out the full review here “Night of The Full Moon Game Review”. The game is a CCG game. Where you will play as a red riding hood trying to save and find her missing grandmother.

The game is so much fun, and recently there has been an announcement of the next jobs updates on the game itself. It will makes the game more fun. If you are still losing in the game, then you might want to check out some of the OP cards that you need to have if you encounter one. Check it out!

1. Soul Strike!!

It is one of the must have cards if you ever encounter it in the early game. Why? Because this cards has the effect to give you a permanent health if you can kill the enemies with this cards. However, leave this cards in the late game, it will be too much of a trouble to time and use this cards.

Jobs: Lady Knight, Ranger, Nun, Little Witch, Magician

2. Swift Strike, Frenzied Strike, and Double Strike

Which is often called the draw combo, this cards will do perfectly well with equipment that deal damage with each attack cards use. They are pretty easy to find and pretty cheap to get if you ever encounter one in the shops. I really suggest you to take it and buy it.

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Jobs: Lady Knight, Ranger, Nun, Little Witch, Magician

3. Life Talisman

Since most of the enemies in the late game use debuff that lets them deal damage even in your turn. this is the cards for you, although you will need to finish its achievement first to unlock it, but if you can get this item. You are guaranteed to have a much easier fight with poison, and so on.

Jobs: Lady Knight, Ranger, Nun, Little Witch, Magician

4. Prophecy

Now, there are times when you need one cards to do your combos, and Prophecy is your guy. This is a good item and i really recommend you to have only 1 in your deck.

Why? Because it use up action, and you have limited action each turns. This card can also be use to know your cards order which is nice to know what kind of card that you will get next. So that you can anticipate yours and your opponents turns.

Jobs: Lady Knight, Ranger, Nun, Little Witch, Magician

5. Imitate

This card is pretty useful for Ranger. Card like Sprint, agility and so on or any Cards that lets you get more action and draw more decks will do well with imitate. Because with it, you will be able to do twice the effect.

Jobs: Ranger

6. Crystal Ball

This is a good card for any Mana use jobs. With these card you will gain a temporary copy of that any card next in line, and is pretty versatile to use even for those that don’t use mana.

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Jobs: Nun, Little Witch, Magician

7. Feint

Probably one of the most OP cards if used right. If you are a lady knight, it has bunch of equipment in your self and can do lots of equipment based damage. Then this is your late game cards. This cards will not only activates any of your equipment, but can also help you draw another cards. It is probably one of my favorite cards for Lady Knight.

Jobs: Lady Knight

8. Magic Pocket Watch

This card is all about luck in my opinion, but if you are lucky. You can hit your enemies and kill them almost immediately in any type of situation. This is best used for mana users. Although it depends on luck. The additional draw 2 cards will also help you in the game.

Jobs: Nun, Little Witch, Magician

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