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War of Omens Game Review – Build Your Decks and Go to War!

Card game is one of the most popular game genre. It is fun for people that like to use strategy and tactics to win the game, and since every game differs every time, you won’t be bored anytime soon. The downside of this type of game is it tends to give advantages for those that use money to pay for the cards, but that doesn’t mean that skill doesn’t make up for the money.

Anyway, there are tons of trading cards game, however, if you would like a more unique trading card game play, then i suggest you to try for War of Omens.



Fifth Column Games brings you WAR OF OMENS®, a new mobile CCG featuring a fast-paced, engaging battle system and an ever-changing landscape as you grow in skill level and unlock new cards and heroes.

You hold all the cards to build your decks and go to war! Fight on the battlefield with knights and beasts, behind the scenes with rumors and conspiracies, or go right for their wallets with embargoes and predatory lending!

Delve into a world of mystery, intrigue and magic with four separate factions, each with different mechanics and a variety of heroes for you to unlock and play. Let your style dictate how you want to win as you collect cards that continuously change how you can play the game.

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War of Omens is like any card games, you play a set of deck that you set in the first place, and then use it to win from your enemies. You will set your deck with the cards that you wanted. Each cards has their own types that depending on which faction your heroes is / your character is, it will change your play style and card set.

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What makes this game so unique than the other game is the game play. Unlike other game that simply put down the card that you want each turns, this game use the concept of buying the card. Each turns besides your first one will give you 3 gold each, and the cards that you had set, have their own value at the top right corner of the card.

It contain how much each cards worth, and you can use the given gold to buy the cards. The cards that have been bought will either be placed in the arena or your deck.

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The card each has their own effect, giving you more gold, food that can be use to activate the effect on your cards. Skull to attack your enemies and lastly magic that can be used for food and skull. This game is honestly so interesting to boot, the only downside of the game is that it is pay to win type of game in which you need to top – up some money to get a more rarer cards.  Although, the game is pay to win, you only needs to pay one time which is 10$  to unlock the rarer cards.

However, you can always do its daily quest system where if you had finished 3 quest you will given a gold card which contains rare cards for free. It can be unlocked once every day. This game will get you hooked and i really recommend you to play it if you like cards game and strategy.

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You could Download it in the link below!

App Rating : War of Omens Deck Builder Collectible Card Game (Free)
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