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Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks – How to Use Mannendake, The Thief!

Based on the review of Onmyoji Arena. Today, we are going to give you a review about a character on the game called Mannendake.

Mannendake is a ninja type Shikigami that is popularly used by plenty of people in the ranked game. He is one of the most annoying shikigami because of his mobility and high burst damage. He can literally kill any marksman in the same level, just by using his skill.

However, because of the high difficulty in using this Shikigami, i really didn’t recommend you guys to use him if you don’t want to die a lot the first time you are using him.

His skill are:

Game Preparation


1. Dragon Hunting Knife  (Jungle Item , Change this item with Chidori or otento in the late game)
   I know that you can buy the more powerful one, but i don’t really recommend you to do it.
Mainly because Mannendake will use his skill to deal damage in the long run.Which is why, i recommend you to just buy the Dragon Hunting knife, and then focus on the next item. Getting a Movement speed items, Kusarigama, and Nature’s Glory are more importants.
2. Wind Walker  (Main Roaming Items.)
With this item, Mannendake will be able to fill his passives easily.
The bonus movement speed will also help him move around that is needed for most ninja.
3. Nature’s Glory  (Main Item)
  Basically one of the main item for Mannendake. It will gives Mannendake skills +10% damage.
Now, Mannendake will deal massive damage to his enemies, but it will all depend on his skill.
Which is why, by using this item, his skill will deal more damage.
4. Kusarigama (Main Item)
Kusarigama has the same effect’s as Nature’s glory. So you will have +10% ability damage.
Nothing can be explained except it has the same effect as Nature’s Glory. The added 10% CD Reduction will also do good for Mannendake.
5. Yin Yang Wheel (Good Item)
This is personally the best item in my opinion especially for Mannendake. Mannendake will be focusing its damage on 1 enemies.
With this item, he will be able to deal more damage, help him in farming. It is essential if you want to steal the enemies turret in the late game.
6. Mikadzuki (Good Item)
Now, There are plenty of reason as to why i use this item. The 20% CD reduction will max out his CD reduction.
Enabling him to use his ultimate more. Another is the Penetration which enable him to deal massive damage to Tank and samurai and Lastly the bonus health for more durability.


For onmyodo, i really recommend you to take Attack Damage so that you can easilly jungle in the early game, the added damage is also good. Movement speed because your passive will depends on how fast you walk around, plus that roaming ability is not a joke. Armor Penetration for so that you can deal more damage, (even MM and Mage has their own armor) which is pretty useful. Shatter for taking the kill easily. Feather Sigil to give you more damage in each kill or assist and lastly Panther Maul for that juicy burst damage.

Skill Combination

For his skill, i suggest you to take:
Skill 2 (I got a knife), skill 3 (where are you going), skill 2 again and then take skill 1 (Passive). Max out your second skill first and take ultimate (surprise mother father) whenever available. For your next skill it depends on your opponents (Tank/ Samurai) max out your first skill (Passive) or (Mage, Marksman) max out your third skill (Where are you going).

Mannendake make use of his skill to deal damage to the enemies, which is why he is a bit hard to use. If your combos didn’t hit at all, you won’t be able to deal massive damages to the enemies, and don’t force it.

Most the player’s mistake is that they often force their way in the war. But remember this, he is a ninja, he doesn’t have a lot of health and will die easilly. So, if you go in the battle hitting the enemies only to scrape of their health, then you are a failure as a Mannendake!

It is either you kill the enemies or you don’t go in at all. (I am still learning this, because my greed often betrayed me.)

Using this Shikigami, you will not only need to jungle, help your allies but also keep in check of your Map all the time. Know where the enemies is, when there will be a war, and check the enemies health. It is your jobs to kill the running enemies!

Your goal in the early game is to get to lvl 6 to get your ultimate. After that your mobility will went up to 100%, where you can go from top to bottom easily.

After getting your ultimate, farm and really check for your map a lot. Try to see the enemy shikigami that has health lower than 50%. If they are a mage or a marksman then start using your ultimate and hunt them. Remember to check your yellow bar below your health. If it is full, then you will deal twice damage from your basic attack.

His Combos will be Ultimate (surprise mother father) – Skill 2 (I got a knife) – Basic Attack – (if the enemies run) Skill 3 (Where are you going) – Basic Attack (Repeat). Usually, they will die before skill 3 (Health below 50%).

In the late game, of course, you will kill the enemies with a single combos, but don’t go in recklessly, because they will also have a high damage where they can kill you in a matter of minutes.

Only target Marksman, if they are alone or in the back of the war. They will usually panicked when they suddenly got hit by your ultimate, and that is the time to take the kill.

Now for Mage, it is a bit difficult, i don’t really recommend you to target them unless you know that their stunning skill had already been used. Most mage has at least 1 stunning skill, and that stupid stun can kill you easily especially in the late game.

If you are on the losing team, I suggest you to just split defend. Get your team mates to defend the tower, while you try to steal their tower. Mannendake has one thing that he excel in, which is the high mobility. With the ability to go on a wall you can run away if you are being ganked upon.

Steal their tower, most of the time, they will try to stop you with either 1 / 2 shikigami. With it, you can use your ultimate. Go back to your teams, and then help them by killing their damage dealer in the back. Remember to signal your teammates to attack, because most people in this game are stupid.

This Shikigami is definitely a cool and reliable ninja but you need to really suppress your greed to use him. It is a lot of people find hard to do, even for me who are making this guide.

There you have it, a good tips and tricks for you to use Mannendake, for other heroes guide you can click:

“Onmyoji Arena Tips and Tricks : Guide for Most Heroes!”

Who else do you want to see, please comment and share if you like it!

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